The Gallery & Gift Shop at the Arts Centre

I Wanna Be There: Summer Art Show Presented by the 4Bs

Since their last exhibit in 2017, the 4Bs, comprised of Bea Gonzalez, Bea Searle, Brigitte Loranger, and Bridget Duckworth, are continuing to capture the essence of scenes from the Coast Mountain region and from travels abroad, with some lively impressions of the people who live there.

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Artisan Gift Shop at the Maury Young Arts Centre

Shop local, support local artists, take home something original.
The Gift Shop showcases a selection of high quality, handcrafted artwork created by Sea to Sky artists and artisans.
See the list of participating artisans:

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Culture Maps

Discover the unexpected, challenge your perspectives, uncover moments in history, and celebrate creativity as you embark on a journey that connects you to the heart of Whistler and the Coast Mountains. Art Whistler’s Culture Map series is a starting point for creative discovery that helps you find cultural venues, museums, galleries, and public art pieces.

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