Backdrop Sessions with Andrea Mueller

Backdrop Sessions with Andrea Mueller

Andrea Mueller is a contemporary artist and art instructor based in Whistler, B.C. Her work is characterized by bold colors, messy loose brush strokes and darkly playful imagery. Her work examines the relationship and connection between all things including humans, animals, memory, language, belief systems, the environment and the impact these have on one another. She experiments with different types of materials and often incorporates found objects into her works. Her work also often references the idiosyncrasies of romantic relationships.

She grew up surrounded by nature and animals in a small community outside of Toronto, Ontario where her holidays were spent on a family farm near North Bay. Her grandfather was a self taught artist and as a little kid Andrea was always in awe of his paintings of Canadian Landscapes. There was never a doubt in her mind that she would follow in his foot steps and would become an artist herself.

Holding on to the dreams of a six-year-old, she pursued the idea of being a Fine Artist.  Eventually Her art work took her to the city of Toronto where she attended the Ontario College of Art and Design. Andrea studied in all types of mediums and took courses in everything from metal shop to textiles, focusing in printmaking. Sitting out front of the school building in between classes was always inspiring for her. It was a time when artistic minds came together to share ideas, invent and problem solve.

Andrea graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2002. Between semesters at OCAD Andrea felt the pull of nature. She would visit a sleepy resort town in the mountains of British Columbia. Whistler became a home away from home. Andrea has created artwork from her studio in the colorful community ever since.

She also offers Art Classes and Team Building Activities for employee outings.

Check out more of Andrea’s work.

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