Arts Whistler mourns the passing of artist Chili Thom

Arts Whistler mourns the passing of artist Chili Thom

Arts Whistler mourns the loss of renowned artist and creator Chili Thom. After a courageous and spirited fight, Chili, 40, lost his battle with cancer today, November 30, 2016.

“Chili was instrumental in the development of arts and culture in Whistler,” says Heather Paul, chair of the Arts Whistler board.  “He was a brilliant painter and an unwavering advocate for our community’s artists. For almost two decades Chili was an active member of Arts Whistler, including bringing the artists’ perspective to the table by serving on the board of directors. But even more importantly, Chili was someone who encouraged others to be all they could be.”

Chili lived a life without limits. In addition to being a successful, and largely self-taught painter, he was also a talented DJ, a passionate backcountry guide, and an innovative filmmaker.

Chili passed away knowing that his work would be showcased at the Audain Art Museum in June 2017 and was part of the planning group that includes his friends and family, Arts Whistler and the Audain Art Museum. More details on the Chili Thom Exhibition will be made available in the coming weeks.

Arts Whistler extends its deepest sympathies to Chili’s family, friends and all who were touched by his art and commitment to creativity. Chili was a beloved member of the Whistler community; to lose this funny, warm and fearless man in such an untimely manner is heartbreaking. His energy, creativity and commitment to supporting others will be greatly missed.

We sign off with our hearts broken. We sign off filled with wonder as we remember Chili’s electrifying smile. We sign off embracing the lessons he taught us on how to live a fearless, creative, extraordinary life.

Be bold. Be brave. Love your friends. Thank you Chili.


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