Get creative at home with Krafty Kids online crafts 

Get creative at home with Krafty Kids online crafts 

Get creative at home with Krafty Kids online crafts 

Here’s a round-up of some of our popular Krafty Kids crafts that use simple, everyday materials you’ll likely have at home or in your recycling bin.

With easy to follow instructions and plenty of opportunity for personal flair, these crafts are a great way to spend some quality time together – let your imagination run wild!

Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are one of the most creative and elegant ways to decorate your house. Whether you’re hosting a patio party with your nearest and dearest or an indoor celebration, these DIY paper lanterns will definitely bring joy. We first made them on Canada Day and they were a big hit!
See the instructions.

Spring Stellars Jay 

Combine colours and encourage dexterity through folding paper. If your child enjoys this craft then think about origami too. This craft is also aimed to help raise awareness of local bird varieties.
See the instructions.

Monster Fun

Foster imagination and explore colour, shape, and texture. Don’t have googly eyes at home? No problem, enjoy drawing on expressions full of character and hunting down materials in your drawers. Could elastic bands be hair? Could cable ties be arms? Could Q-tips be a dinosaur’s tail?
See the instructions.


Kindness Clouds

This is a great way for kids to surprise a friend or family member with a handmade gift of kindness that tells them just how special they are.
Also, a good opportunity for them to practice spelling some of the more challenging words before making their craft.
See the instructions.

Corner Bookmark

This was by far our most popular craft of the year, especially when you combine it with animal and monster themes!
If you’re missing any of the materials, instead of heading to the store be creative about alternative materials – check out your recycling bin for a stash of paper and other items that you can reclaim and re-use.
See the instructions.



Do you drink coffee? Then grab some filters for this craft. If you’re looking for an alternative try tissue or paper towels.
Great way for kids to explore Chromatography. What colors do you see? How many colors do you see? Which one do you find most interesting? Why?
See the instructions.


Science and Craft

You’ll need a cork for this craft to secure the pin for safety’s sake. Look to your wine cellar for preparation purposes! This craft is a great way for kids to explore gravity and velocity.
See the instructions.

We would love to see how you’re getting crafty at home!

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