ReachOut! Whistler – Mental Health Myths

ReachOut! Whistler – Mental Health Myths

Mental Health Myths – What you really need to know about reaching out for support

Being away from family, living on a shoestring budget, and navigating tricky new friendships and relationships are some of the challenges Whistlerites may experience from season to season, and it can be tough. Throw in a global pandemic and you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. 

If you have never considered seeking support before, you probably have a lot of questions. We answer a few of your mental health questions below and list many resources for finding assistance.

You’re not alone, and it’s ok to not be ok!

When should I seek Mental Health support?

There are no rules about when you can or cannot reach out for help. 

Many people believe that accessing support from a professional is only for those experiencing a crisis or suffering from a traumatic event but this is not true.

If something is bothering you, big or small and you need to talk about it, then an outreach program or counselling service is a great option. Below are a few examples of challenges that could benefit from professional support.

  • Relationship conflicts
  • Friendship tensions
  • Housing Shortage
  • Money Worries
  • Food Security
  • Loss of someone close to you
  • Missing friends & family back home

What if I am not depressed?

Difficult life events and daily challenges affect everyone in different ways. You may not be feeling depressed, but if you are feeling angry, anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted or simply stressed, then professional support can help you. 

What is the Outreach Service? Is it like Counselling?

Whistler Community Services Society provides no-cost online or in-person appointments with members of the outreach team. Outreach Workers are there to provide a safe, confidential listening space to talk about anything you need to, and provide information about different resources available and help make the connections to further support. 

A counselor can provide practical intervention techniques and teach you new skills to manage emotions and provide insight into past and existing challenges. 

→ Find out more or book an appointment:

I am living on a tight budget, can I afford support?

Yes absolutely! There are a number of affordable options in the community as well as various programs that are entirely free both locally and nationwide. 

I’m having a hard time, where do I begin?

The Whistler Community Services Society is a great place to start! Scroll down to find out about their key programs and check out the ReachOut! Whistler resource poster for other support resources.

Whistler Community Services Society

Head to to discover all of their programs and get in touch with Outreach Workers.

› Book an appointment:
› Call WCSS Office at 604.932.0113
› 24/7 BC Crisis line 1.866.661.3311

Mental and Emotional Help Outreach Services:
No-cost, confidential support for those experiencing challenges with mental health, financial insecurity, advocacy, physical health and injury, housing, food insecurity, substance use, employment, family/friend relationships, parenting support or violence/conflict in relationships. “Typically, our team is mobile, and can reach clients wherever they are. For the time being, most of our services are offered virtually but let us know what you need. During the COVID-19 crisis, we are all in this together and our Outreach team wants to help. It’s ok to not to be ok. We are here to listen and offer support.”
› Find out more:

Covid-19 Resources:
If you become ill or need to self-isolate, check out the Covid-19 resources including a helpful guide to preparing to self-isolate, food bank, hygiene kits, home deliveries for individuals in isolation, temporary seld-isolation units, and free virtual support.
› Find out more:
Download WCSS Covid-19 resources and guide to self-isolation.

Food security:
It is for anyone and everyone experiencing food insecurity. It is supplementary food provided to those who do not have the means to access or provide food for themselves. Many people, including children, rely on our food bank for a significant portion of their food and nutrition. It could be a short-term solution for an injury, job change, relocation or just an altered circumstance.
› Find out more:

ReachOut! Whistler resources:

There are many places to find free or low-cost mental health & wellness support, both in-person and online. 

ReachOut! Whistler mental health resources poster

→  Download the poster to print and hang at your workplace: Poster 11×17″ / Poster: 8.5×11″

ReachOut! Whistler

Whistler Community Services Society and Arts Whistler have partnered for ReachOut! Whistler – a campaign to raise awareness and funds for mental health and wellbeing programs, with the help of a beautiful locally designed enamel pin.

2020 was an exceptionally challenging year and Whistler Community Services’ Outreach program has experienced a significant increase in individuals seeking assistance in the areas of mental health and emotional support. Similarly, throughout the pandemic, Arts Whistler saw an increased need for accessible and inclusive arts and culture activities that could help foster community spirit and belonging in a year filled with uncertainty and stress.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this initiative to raise awareness and funds local mental health and wellbeing programs!

Find out more about ReachOut! Whistler and purchase your $8 pin


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