The Chili Thom Experience

The Chili Thom Experience

We want to thank each and every person in this community for making something magical happen. The Chili Thom Experience started out as just an idea. With the power of this community, it morphed into so much more. It became about collaborating and creating and having an incredible impact in this community. Everyone’s contributions to make The Chili Thom Experience come alive has made a difference to how people understand art in this community and what kind of celebration it can have. It can bring an entire community together and make things happen that none of us expected.

This also was the first opportunity for us to really bring to life this idea of the Cultural Connector. It’s about our cultural venues but ultimately it has to be about the heart and soul of our culture and our community. We thank the Audain Art Museum, Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, Whistler Public Library, and the Whistler Museum for hosting exhibits that celebrated the life, art, and legacy of Chili Thom.

Chili Prints for Sale!

The Arts Centre is the spot to buy your favourite Chili prints. Gyclees, plexiglass, and paper prints are flying out the door as residents and visitors alike take a little piece of Chili for their living rooms. We are still selling prints here at The Arts Centre while supplies last.

His Masterpieces | Audain Art Museum

From dreamy landscapes to mind-bending nature perspectives, this exhibition featured the best of Chili’s works showing his progression as an artist. Chili was part of the process in selecting which works would be showcased and many were shipped in from private collectors from across Canada and beyond. Thank you to all the owners who loaned their special Chilis. It was a treat to see them all together in one exhibit.

His Eclectic Soul | Maury Young Arts Centre

Think you know Chili? Think again. From the eclectic to the unique to the downright bizarre this exhibit hosted a series of paintings that showed Chili’s more eccentric side. Never one to let paint go to waste, Chili painted a series of personified aliens that he gave to friends as gifts over the years. Chili’s energy reverberated off the walls in this unique exhibit that showed the brave, sassy, dirty, loving, and eccentric side of Chili.

Inspired by Chili Thom | Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre

The longhouse at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre held the works of the bright, young, talented artists from Whistler Secondary School. Using the teaching materials that Chili developed for an art course that he taught, the students studied Chili and his body of work throughout the semester and produced their own incredible masterpieces that adorned the walls of the longhouse. Breathtaking alpenglow landscapes, water scenes, and colourful sunsets came to life in the students’ works, all in true Chili style. The future of art is bright.

Little Chilis / Les mini-Chili | Whistler Public Library

Chili through the eyes of a child. Young students at Myrtle Philip Elementary School studied Chili’s body of work and learned about how their identity is influenced by living in Whistler. Using Chili’s connection with nature as inspiration, these Little Chilis showcased their inspired talents at the Whistler Public Library. Brightly coloured paintings of trees, and mountains were all accompanied by the cutest artist statements detailing their inspiration for the piece. l’École La Passerelle students got in on the action with four colourful, Chili inspired mosaics each representing a Whistler season. With these kids as the next generation of artists, I’m sure we can look forward to an exciting future in the art world.

Collecting Chili Thom | Whistler Museum

From the everyday to the epic the Whistler Museum captured 40 years of Chili Thom’s story and legacy. Locals and visitors walked the timeline of Chili Thom’s life from the early years in his namesake of Chilliwack to the elbowrubbing times as a keystone in the culture club of the Sushi Village serving scene. Artifacts from his childhood stood alongside some of his first drawings and paintings, laying down his timeline amongst the history-makers and natural mountain life that inspired him.

Dumbo Love | Sushi Village

Throughout June, Chili Thom fans were invited to visit Sushi Village, pick up an empty dumbo bottle to bring it home and decorate it with Chili landscapes and Chili love and in return Sushi Village topped it off with some hot sake – on the house! The sake was flowing and an army of Chili-inspired bottles now line the walls at Sushi Village. Kanpai!

Chili Thom: Wine About Art | Crystal Lodge Art Gallery

Nothing makes the brush strokes flow like a glass of wine or two! The Crystal Lodge Art Gallery hosted three Chili-inspired paint nights where we laughed, socialized, and let our creative inhibitions loose. The result: a series of bright, colourful paintings all in the style of Whistler’s favourite artist.

Donate to The Chili Thom Experience

All benefits raised will go to helping build an endowment fund for young Sea to Sky artists and raise funds to host the June 2-26 free exhibitions celebrating the magical tapestry of Chili Thom’s tenure on earth. Please consider making a charitable donation today.


Everyone is invited to share in Chili’s art and legacy on social media. Take a picture with Chili’s art —whether it’s a print, a mural, or a cell phone case, and use #MeAndMyChili on your social channels. Find yourself in a “Chili-esque” environment? Use the hashtag!

Check out photos from The Chili Thom Opening Reception!


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The Chili Thom Experience