The Chili Thom Experience

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Arts Whistler would like to thank everyone who contributed to The Chili Thom Experience. With the spirit of this community, what started as a simple idea morphed into so much more – a project that celebrated collaboration, creativity and Chili’s incredible impact.

We are deeply grateful to the people who helped make The Chili Thom Experience a reality. A vibrant Chili-sky of thanks to the Thom family and to Chili’s “Whistler tribe” who gave us their time, energy, insight and guidance – thank you for sharing your love and memories with us. Thank you to all the Chili art owners who trusted us with your treasured pieces and to everyone who donated to the project.

Through the generosity of our sponsors, donors and Chili art buyers, we are thrilled to announce that $40,000 in cash will go into a scholarship fund for high school students in Pemberton, Squamish, and Whistler. Finally, his energy and light has shone on this project and made all the magic happen, so our last thanks goes to Michael “Chili” Thom.

Be fearless. Connect. Create.


Check out photos from The Chili Thom Opening Reception!


Thank you to the generous supporters and partners of this event:









His Masterpieces | Audain Art Museum

This exhibition featured the best of Chili’s works showing his progression as an artist. Chili was part of the process in selecting which works would be showcased and many were shipped in from private collectors from across Canada and beyond. Thank you to all the owners who loaned their special Chilis.

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