Isobel MacLaurin

Arts Whistler is thankful for the gift that was Isobel MacLaurin.

Arts Whistler joins with the community in mourning the loss of legendary local artist, Isobel MacLaurin. Isobel passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by her family, on February 12, 2024, at the youthful age of 92.

Isobel was a vivacious, sassy, stylish, witty and joyful human being. To know her was to love her, truly. Isobel’s passion for living a good life was matched by her commitment to having a good death and she got just that. Could we expect anything less from a woman who painted her and her husband’s caskets with the things they loved, complete with the line, “You can take it with you”. In the days before she passed, she visited with beloved friends and family, with laughter erupting at every turn.

Don & Isobel’s passion for Whistler contributed greatly to the community we know today, and Whistler has so much to thank them for. We love you, Isobel, and we’re going to miss you terribly. Rest in peace… but maybe after a glass of bubbly or two.
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Celebration of Life, Isobel MacLaurin | February 24