Britannia Mine Museum

Britannia Mine Museum

Less than a hundred years ago, this was the largest copper mine in the British Commonwealth. Today, it’s a National Historic Site and a bustling, award-winning Museum. Ten acres big it’s packed with historical machinery, hands-on exhibits, interactive displays, and heritage buildings that give visitors a look into life of the miners and their families.

You can travel back in time and take a ride on their underground mine train that goes into an early haulage tunnel or try your hand at panning for gold—finders keepers.

Our Tip:

Make sure you’ve got a sweater on for the underground tour as it’s a little cooler in there, and if you’ve got young children with you be aware that the loud noises of the train might either be loads of fun, or something to steer clear of!

Did you know?

During its 70-year life span (1904-1974), the mine attracted 60,000 people who lived and worked there. The metals produced from the 50-million tons of ore included 650,000 tons of copper, 137,000 tons of zinc, 17,000 tons of lead, 500 tons of cadmium, 188 tons of silver, and 15.6 tons of gold.There are so many stories about the mine that the museum put together a handy nine page PDF, which you can check out on their website. * 1-800-896-4044 * 1 Forbes Way, Britannia Beach, BC V0N 1J0

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