Off The Wall – The Occupational Hazards of Working at Arts Whistler

Off The Wall – The Occupational Hazards of Working at Arts Whistler

What happens when your occupational hazard is buying art? Get a look inside the eclectic art collections of Arts Whistler’s staff.

Discover the weird and wonderful art collections of the Arts Whistler staff. Our walls at home are currently bare but The Gallery is full of works that hold a special place in our hearts! Enjoy eclectic pieces from artists in the Sea to Sky and further afield – featuring some favourite, familiar artists and some for you to discover.

GALLERY EXHIBIT: July 13 – August 22 | Free admission, open daily.

Featuring collections by Arts Whistler staff:

Alice Lambert, Anna Lynch, Stephanie McColm, Susan Holden, Imogen Osborne, Kim Maitland, Mo Douglas, Rebecca MacKay, Tom Graham

Artists showcased:

Aaron Draplin
Alice Lambert
Andrea Mueller
Andy Anissimoff
Angela Dallago
Anna Lynch
Audrey Holden
Bea Gonzalez
Bridgitte Duckworth
Carol English
Chili Thom
Cindy Filipenko
David Hennigar
David McColm
Dr. Seuss
Elizabeth Tracy
Gordon Arthur Holden
Imogen Osborne
Isobel MacLaurin
Jack Crompton
Jane Keys
Kathleen Tennock
Kimberley Francis
Kim Maitland
Kylie Millar
Laine Curtis
Laura Antonelli
Laura McColm
Laura Scarr
Levi Nelson
Lisa Geddes
Louise Holden
Mo Douglas
Nora Catherine Clarke
Ray Storberg
Rebecca MacKay
Rebecca Piper
Roy Henry Vickers
Shelan Markus
Spence Barker
Stan Matwychuk
Sterling Lorence
Suzanne Hennessy
Vanessa Finnerty


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