• Date: October 29 – December 13, 2020
  • Venue: The Gallery at the Maury Young Arts Centre
  • Age restrictions: All Ages

We have all responded to the events of 2020 differently and in many cases these events have changed the way we each look at, and respond to the world around us. We can ALL provide a visual representation and reflection on our own personal experience and that is what Think-It-Over is all about!

Think-It-Over showcases the talented artists of the Sea to Sky and the creations that the following six key words inspire;

Potential | Resilience | Justice | Intimacy | Humility | Learning

Using their preferred artistic methods and mediums, this group of local artists will reflect on the universal experience and what these six words mean to them personally. 

Think-It-Over showcases the work of four feature artists (Kylie T Millar, Jessica Soparlo, Catherine Mitchell Roy and Ally van Gruen), with contributions from many other local creatives in the Sea to Sky corridor.

So, how did this group of key words come to be?

Our community was asked the question, “2020 has been quite the year, and it’s not over yet! What inspires you to evolve and move forward”, and the submissions helped form this group of six key words that inspire the new, reflective creations for this exhibit. 



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