We Heart Local Art

We Heart Local Art

We Heart Local Art Exhibit


Exhibit | Sept 16 – October 31

Maury Young Arts Centre
Free, All ages, See opening hours

Arts Whistler’s next gallery show invites you to discover the impressive and diverse work of local artists – with all artwork for sale. Fill your walls with some amazing, unique and local art.

Sea to Sky visual artists are clearing out their studios to showcase both brand new and older works. Some pieces are fresh from the easel and some have been lovingly tweaked over time, until the artist was ready to exhibit them.

Don’t miss this diverse collection of local artwork and take home some local art for a fresh perspective on your walls this winter.

Discover the exhibit through a virtual tour!


Anna Lynch 

“British craft nerd,” Anna made Whistler her home in 2010 and has been creating artwork in the sea to sky corridor ever since. She primarily uses textile mediums such as weaving, felting, knitting, and beading when creating new works. Anna has always been interested in replicating the texture and the tactile elements of the natural world in her work. She uses traditional techniques and modern design in her process to make each piece unique.

annalynchart.com | @knittygrittytextiles

Aurora Moore 

I am an illustrator and a mother of two little ones in Pemberton. I am currently branching into the world of graphic design, but I always come back to traditional drawing and painting as I find it so meditative.
My art reflects the passion I have for nature and exploration. I’ve always been drawn to highly detailed botanical and research sketches that were popular among adventurers of old. I try to bring that same level of detail to my own observations of life in the mountains (and beyond!).

inkyaurora | @ror_illustration

Carly Blackburn
Born and raised in Prince George, British Columbia, Carly moved to Whistler in 2006, where she fell in love with the lifestyle Whistler had to offer. Travelling and experiencing new and different cultures has inspired her work greatly in recent years. Taking classes here in Whistler and abroad; Carly enjoys learning new techniques and using different media to broaden her range in style and creative flow.
Ellyn D’Uva
A local Squamish artist who transforms scrap wood into one-of-a-kind pieces that awaken the imagination and evoke contemplation. Her work is inspired by the beauty of nature and the interconnectedness of all things. She uses a variety of saws, sanders and carving tools to give wood scraps new life. Everything is hand-painted with natural wood stains, acrylic, and milk paints.
“Both creativity and nature bring me an inner peace like nothing else – they have always been a big part of who I am. I feel a deep connection to all the mountains, forests and wild things that draw one to the west coast. I hope my work makes you smile and ponder the meaning of life.”
ellynwood.com | @ellynwooddesigns
Gabriela Lech 

Gabriela is a self-taught visual artist living in Squamish, British Columbia. She is deeply inspired by the natural world and aims to capture this in her work. Spending winter in lockdown in Ontario catalyzed a period of growth as an artist where she turned to painting as an outlet to cope with difficult times. The bright colours and optimism of her paintings served as an antidote to the bleakness and uncertainty of the state of the world during a global pandemic. They are a reminder to remain grateful.

artbygabrielalech.squarespace.com | @grsslvsrn

Graham Watts 

Graham is a landscape artist specializing in local cityscapes of Vancouver, Whistler and the Sea to Sky Corridor. His original pieces are hand-painted in oil on canvas and feature a hint of realism. Graham has called Vancouver/Whistler home for nearly 22 years. “I love living on the West Coast – my inspiration is developed by the variety of people, different environments, colours and sounds all triggering ideas for my painting.” The endless beauty of our natural environment provides countless possibilities for inspiration beyond the city. “Being in the outdoors provides me with the opportunity to connect with myself and eliminates the distraction and noise of the city, helping in my creative process.” Watts’ goal is to capture the spirit and emotion of a spectacular scene and enable the viewer to experience the artist’s journey. Paintings are created in vivid colour and display the energy that is experienced by the artist.

grahamwatts.art | Graham.Watts.Art | @grahamwatts.fineart

Greg Funk 

Greg is a Whistler-based artist who likes to paint the world he sees around him and the one that’s in his head. There is so much to observe, capture, interpret, express and create, and these are the reasons art fascinates him. Painting teaches Funk patience and perseverance and gives him a greater appreciation for beauty as he tries to share a part of himself with you. As Dostoevsky said, ‘beauty will save the world’.


Heidi Manicke 

Heidi tries to capture the moments and places not necessarily as they are, but how they make you feel and how you remember them – the last light of a day glistening across the treetops, the brilliant sunset dancing across the sky, and the warmth of the sun on your skin.
Inspired by this magical place, she is so fortunate to call home, the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples – Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), Tsleil-Waututh Musqueam First Nations, Heidi invites you to open yourself up to the magic of these very special forests and mountains.


JACLOT (Jonatan Bando) 

JACLOT was born in Argentina, moving to Japan when he was 11 years old. After a long trip around the world, he discovered in Whistler a new place to call home, at least for a while…
In a small shared room, he started painting watercolour inspired by nature, music, and everything around him.

jaclot.com | jaclotworks | @jaclotworks

Kali Talmon-Longden 

Kali’s recent paintings have been focusing on an acceptance of the natural self. We are bombarded with opinions from the moment we come to this earth – what is beautiful? And, what can’t possibly be beautiful? We are brainwashed to run away from the natural in so many aspects of our lives that to connect with it again is a battle. Kali has been going through that battle and creating paintings has been one way she has been re-training her mind to see these natural parts of the human form as beautiful once again.
Talmon-Longden is a multi-disciplinary artist who will always be trying new mediums. Her go-tos are photography, filmmaking, fine art, and dance. She launched her own art shop this year and has products for sale online as well as in The Gift Shop at the Maury Young Arts Centre.

staycuriousartshop.ca | @staycuriousartist

Larissa Maxwell 

Larissa is a mixed media artist based out of Squamish, BC. The Lineage Collection explores where we come from, how it shapes who we are, and where we are going. Are we the product of our roots, or do we determine our own destinies? How much of the formation of our lives, our families, our collective histories shape who we are today? How do we carry the stories of our past into the experiences of our future?
As an artist who continues to uncover their lineage, this collection focuses on this concept in both a symbolic and literal sense. Each painting was a previous painting, representing the history and experiences of the artist within the experience of new iterations. Each piece has been painted over long periods of time, with meditative formed line work, building complex textures, depth, and pattern, and finished with brilliant unexpected materials.

larissamaxwell.com | @artistlarissamaxwell

Lotte Bond 

Lotte is a self-taught fibre artist who lives in Squamish BC, with her husband and three young boys. With a Finnish background, Lotte is drawn to modern and simple Scandinavian design. She especially enjoys working with bold and colourful patterns inspired by the Marimekko prints she grew up with. Nature’s lines and textures are another source of inspiration, which is evident in her organically shaped pieces. Bond’s works vary in style and technique as she continues to explore the fibre arts.

minttufibrearts.com | @minttufibrearts | @minttufibrearts

Marcelle Armatage 

Marcelle has lived in Whistler, BC. since 1969. Since her return to paintings and ceramics, her artwork evolves consciously and unconsciously. Each idea, colour, shape, line, form and pattern happens in its own time.
Marcelle’s paintings focus on abstract landscapes – the landscapes of the Sea to Sky Corridor influence the direction of the geometric patterns. She works with many layers of acrylic paint and mixed mediums all adding to a textured surface.
Her work has a strong connection with nature and organic structures. Each body of work embodies her interest in unique forms and creative subjects. Marcelle has exhibited in Quebec, Paris, Whistler, and Vancouver.


Marine Lamotte
Being surrounded by mountains and the ocean has a significant impact on who I am as a human. Living in British Columbia, Canada over the last few years gave me the inspiration to work with a natural element and share my love for mother nature.
Most of my pieces are in relation to our environment, along with its majestic creatures. My main goal is to raise awareness about the places we belong to.
Michaela Ivancova 

Michaela is a passionate artist that finds inspiration in nature and personal experiences. She focuses on depicting events from her personal life and her own state of mind. Her past experiences and opportunities had guided her in this direction allowing her art to tell her story.
Michaela has a Master’s degree in Art Education from the University of Presov in Slovakia.
Coming to Whistler opened many possibilities for her artistic visions. Mountains and animals became her new inspirations which she depicts in various media.

michaelaivancova.vpweb.com | @michaelaivancovaart

Nina Moore 

Nina paints at the kitchen table, with a drink she is forever accidentally dipping her brush into, and eventually paints a little on every item of clothing she owns. She paints with acrylics, and the paint doesn’t come out… she’s promises herself to start wearing an apron one of these days! Moore creates art that invites people to feel the magic of nature and to feel uplifted, and she has never been more grateful for the power of friendship, family and the Whistler community.


Robyn Shaw 

“Spare time” artist residing in Squamish, working primarily in acrylics, Robyn’s work focuses on capturing the beauty and magic of the landscape, with the creation of depth and lighting being of importance in her work.

robynshawart.com | @sobynrhaw

Ruth Barrow 

From an early age, Ruth has had an interest and passion for art and design, she is inspired by the beauty in her local surroundings and spends her free time drawing and painting, experimenting with different mediums.


Sarah McDonald 

Ontario-born but fell in love with the West Coast, Sarah McDonald gets her inspiration from the endless possibilities the outdoors brings. Having lived in Whistler for six years and now making Squamish home, she brings to life the memories and moments from mountain living with heavy textures and acrylic mediums.

Sarah Mcdonald artwork | @Sarah.mcdonald.art

Sherry Klassen 

Sherry lives in Whistler with her husband and dog… and she loves it! She feels so fortunate to be able to get outside every day – the mountains, forests and water in all forms fill her soul. The surrounding nature allows her to recreate in so many wonderful ways. She paints primarily in acrylic and is drawn to birds and animals. She strives to capture the soul of an animal and paint in a bit of humour to add joy to the world. Klassen is living a life of reinvention. She has discovered a love of painting and a drive to express her inner creativity. She is working towards a painting certificate at Emily Carr University. Sherry has exhibited and sold work through City Gallery, Seymour Art Gallery, MAB Gallery, all in North Vancouver, Art World Expo in Vancouver, Roam Gallery in Ontario and at Arts Whistler.

artbysherry.ca | @sherry.klassen.18 | @sheklas

SJ Young 

SJ is a creative who grew up in the Okanagan and moved with her family to Colorado when she was 15. Hiking and skiing the Colorado Rockies led her to explore mountain environments living and working in Lake Louise Ski Resort & Manza Onsen Ski Resort, Japan; eventually settling in Whistler. She received a BFA from Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, a key force that helped her work to become more focused on material exploration and concepts like ‘transformation’. SJ currently explores with paper collage, photography and digital applications, manipulating her photographs to tell a story. Both techniques aim to achieve dreamlike landscapes that the viewer’s eye can move through and feel a sense of nostalgia or wonder.

sjyoung.ca | @sjyoungart | @sjyoungart

Stacey Bodnaruk 

Stacey Bodnaruk, an artist and photographer, has combined a passion for the Pacific with her art and photography. Her goal is to create artwork that inspires, evokes emotion, and starts a conversation. Her fine art photography pieces expertly blend multiple layers of original photos, which are harmoniously intertwined to create a dream-like story. Stacey draws inspiration from mountains and oceans. The power and beauty from these natural forces influence her work. She captures photography from mountain vistas, Canadian wildlife, surf breaks, old growth forests and wild places around the world. Her approach, which she terms ‘artography’, layers and fuses multiple photos that are blended to create vibrant, one-of-a-kind artwork that could never be achieved from one photo alone. She often combines aerial and ground photography to create captivating and unique perspectives. Although her clients include a strong local following, her artwork is also sold and collected across the globe.

artography27.com | artography27 | @artography27

Taka Sudo 

Born and raised in Tokyo, now residing in Vancouver, Canada, Taka takes influences from different environments to create this unique style of artwork. Scattered abstract elements composed of neon colour, neutral colour, newsprint, and photo collage assemble into organic shapes with strong energy among real and unreal. Those scattered, various elements in abstraction are the representation of our environment, existence, daily life, current affairs, information, and each person’s passion and energy. Through the adventure between reality and abstraction, you may be able to find your own dynamo to start a bright day with beautiful people.

takasudo.com | takasudoart | @takasudoart

Tammy Flynn Seybold 

These paintings are part of Tammy’s Lunation Series, a collection of sequential works that represent what washed ashore from Howe Sound during one lunar cycle in March of 2018. Each day of that month, Tammy would walk the sands and take photographs of what was offered up by the waves – it was more than an art project, it was an exercise in gratitude. Nature often presents the best compositions, if we just take the time to look.
Tammy has long been drawn to painting objects that have an inherent narrative, whether glass polished smooth by the pounding surf, pottery shards rounded by surrounding sands, or driftwood tossed and twisted by the tides. The tumultuous journey these objects take on the way to our shores often result in objects that are more beautiful and treasured – a powerful metaphor for the transformative power of experience.

tammyflynnseybold.com | Tammy Flynn Seybold | @arteachday

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