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Caitlin is an intuitive animal behaviourist and trainer who works with cats, dogs, and their people to overcome emotional and behavioural issues. Her wish is to assist and guide others in forming deep connections and effective communication with animals.

She also owns an online Etsy shop where she sells artwork inspired by animals, nature, and metaphysics. She loves to capture the essence and personality of animals in her artwork. Caitlin is often inspired by her Gitxsan background and their traditional practices and connection to nature and animals. Her lifelong love and passion for animals is infused in all that she does.

When she is not working with animals or creating; Caitlin loves to spend time in nature with her dogs, interact with her cats, ski, study and work with astrology, crystals, natural healing, tarot, and create magic.

You can purchase her work on her Etsy store:

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