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Dave turned 52 recently and is still very much a kid at heart, making art and finding “play” in everything that he does. His main passion is painting and recently Dave created 14 new paintings for his second solo exhibit of 2022, currently on display at the B1 Gallery in Vancouver, BC.

Between 2019 and 2021 he created 31 paintings in preparation for a solo exhibition, which took place from January to March, 2022 at The Gallery at the Arts Centre in Whistler, B.C.
Over the decades Dave's artistic style has evolved dramatically from abstract expressionism to pop-art-inspired bold, bright and playful colour combinations with imaginative caricatures; to dark, edgy and apocalyptic graphic-inspired themes and more caricatures; to colourful graphic landscapes reminiscent of Whistler; to adorable genetically modified land, sea and air critters that splash, dance and float across the page.
Never the type of artist to take the easy way out and create the same thing repeatedly for years to come, where styles become stagnant and the viewer knows what to expect; Dave has been challenging his mind’s eye and expanding his creative vision with the curiosity and excitement of a kid in a candy store.

Artist Conversation with Dave Petko

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