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Devoted to the art of healing for the past 13 years as a Registered Massage Therapist in Canada it has blessed me with flexibility for personal growth as a creative. Working with Cirque de Soleil as an RMT to working for the Vancouver Canucks, in my spare time I have always carved out space to create art I love. I continue to make art with a purpose and intention for healing; for those who observe, and to help heal nature by making donations from art sold in my INSPO ART collection.

I proudly create each art piece with premium archival materials that are all hand picked and sourced locally.
The breathe work involved and the movement of the inks creates one of a kind artwork that can not be replicated.
Formed from a sense of play. A sense of adventure, passion, and creativity.

I truly believe that inspiring creativity in others fosters growth; both personal & in the community.
My life has been and will continue to be a piece of art in progress.

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