Lesley Fireweed Gering

Lesley Fireweed Gering


Lesley “Fireweed” Gering is an award-winning Emily Carr Alumni who explores the themes of modern technology, ancient mythology & science. Her passion for riding motorcycles, the Ancient Near East & Indian culture have brought her to the top of the Himalayas on small dirt bikes and into the rare archives of Eastern European museums discovering that science, nature and mythology have links – it's the awareness of this beautiful juxtaposition that is her search.  With each stroke and each layer, she pushes the boundaries of fabricated and body mechanics in Humanity, Machine and Mother Nature.

Over the years, Fireweed's process of painting with used motorcycle oil as a medium in her fine art has created a unique style for her work that exhibited internationally and eventually being awarded in The Hall of Fame for Motorcycling in both Canada (Motorcycle Confederation in Ottawa) and the USA (American Motorcycle Association in Colorado) - "for her contribution to the world of motorcycling through her art and writing."  The soft charcoal like style juxtaposed with the classic realistic rendering were tested over the years on her art because her motorcycles were in & out of her studio.  Thus, she recycled and integrated fossil fuels into Fine Art.  Her artwork and fine art photography has been published over 80 magazines around the globe and now with the internet this is a difficult number to gauge.  Working with street youth, young single mothers/fathers and students who are gifted and beautifully unique/neurodivergent is one of her special passions - taking them in nature with a sketchbook and getting them "out of the box".  This blissful magic of a walkabout inspires her everyday as a woman born and raised in British Columbia.  We are truly blessed here in the Sea to Sky.

Recently, Lesley Fireweed Gering was one of the featured artists at Whistler Arts in the Maury Young Art Pavilion for June/July 2023.  As a professional artist, professional motorcyclist and fine art teacher her original paintings are from her local & international exhibitions:  "Tantric Velocity", "Tantric Mechanic" and "METRO Tantric".  Fireweed continues to push her own boundaries and is excited to be moving back into the 3-D world with large scaled kinetic sculpture and light sculpture work collaborating with local and international talent.  For Fireweed, creating this sacred & mechanical divine for her viewers becomes this fusion of science and sensuality that holds a mysterious spell over the viewer to find more, meditate more, breathe more, touch your loved ones more and to find peace and love in this place we call Earth.

Private Commissions available – and an honored passion to create

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Lesley Fireweed Gering