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I paint from the inside out: though my subconscious is my project manager, the world around me is my dream team. The intricacies of life – from atoms to ecosystems – awe and inspire me every day. Once a molecular biologist, I moved from my home in Vancouver to Hawaii to paint, then settled in Whistler, where I create from visceral experiences in nature that resonate with the freedom and relaxation that we feel in these places.

I visualize my subjects as verbs: mountains, forests, skies and water move in concert, with beautifully balanced geometries. Vibrant, contrasting undertones and sweeping arcs draw the viewer into their graceful flow. I don’t simply recapitulate what the eye can see, but rather, aim to portray the extraordinary.

Commissions and live painting opportunities welcome! I work across a wide variety of themes, from science to nature to spirit, as illustrated on my website.

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