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Nicola’s artwork has been showcased at various galleries including Museum of Northwest Art (MONA) shop in La Conner Washington; Federation of Canadian Artists; Ferry Building; Audain Museum, Craft Council of BC Granville and YVR.

Nicola, originally from Manchester England, moved to Whistler in 2005 to work as a ski instructor for the winters. She started working with glass when she saw someone demonstrating glass blowing and decided she would love to try it. It was a fun learning curb which took a lot of patience, determination, and persistence. She never had a lesson in lamp-working and this helped her develop her own individual styles and techniques. As someone renting in Whistler, Nicola needed a workshop but struggled to find a landlord who would be happy for an open flame and propane on their property. She decided to make her own mobile workshop in a step van. Nicola is inspired by Whistler’s beauty, the wildlife, and plants that surround her. She has always had a love of animals and enjoys getting their personalities in every bead. She is also very attracted to sparkles and enjoys the vibrant beauty of dichroic glass.


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