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Una Polenova is a Visual Artist inspired by the great European and Canadian Impressionists known for their colourful paintings of country, people, places and community. She paints with acrylics, oils and watercolour and her impressionist and abstract style transforms memories into beautiful landscapes, seascapes and personal interests.

Polenova’s style simply states her personal appreciation for the natural beauty of places and subjects that surround us. She integrates the art communities of New Westminster, White Rock, North Vancouver and Squamish. Her original work is displayed online at PolenovaGallery.com.

Born in Vancouver and raised in Richmond, BC, Una has a Ukrainian- Russian ancestry that integrated throughout Eastern Europe, Ireland, USA and Canada arriving in the early 40’s. She now resides in Brackendale Squamish where family life is simply stated from the stroke of a brush, and a walk with their dog, Sami.

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