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Vicki Lynn Barrett


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My Name is Vicki Lynn Barrett, I was born in 1982 in Vancouver, BC, Canada and currently reside and work in my home based studio in Furry Creek, BC.. I work mainly in Acrylic paint on canvas. In 2001 I received formal training at the Lorenzo de Medici Art Institute in Florence, Italy. 3 years later I was accepted into the IDEA design program at Capilano University and ultimately pursued my painting career through self directed study and experimentation. Honouring my Native Canadian and South African roots, I have explored various themes such as African and North American wildlife and landscape subjects as well as dance, spirituality and psychology. In addition to my Safari and Canada Wild Series, I explore deeper themes of addiction and recovery in my Underworld, Recovery and Rising series, and raw self reflections and analysis in my candid Eros Series.

My body of work honours and embraces the light and the shadow, and en masse, is a captivating visual journal of my life and experiences. Supplementing my private practice and studies, I accepts commissions, participate in live art shows, auction fundraisers and local exhibits. In addition to painting I continue to grow and explore; stoking my creative fires and embracing my personal soul evolution. I am currently exploring other creative avenues such as dance, music, photography, video & editing, writing (non fiction, lyrics and poetry), singing, and modelling.

Since welcoming some much needed down time in 2020/2021, moving out of the city in 2022 and relocating further into the beautiful Wild Fjord of Howe Sound at Furry Creek, I have found new, fresh inspiration in the landscapes and nature. I am connecting further to my roots, learning to hunt, forage and blaze new trails. I recently Married and had a dream Wedding in a Beautiful Forest Sanctuary. We then embarked on a Cross Canada Road Trip on which I gathered references and deeply moving experiences that will be integrated into my future works. I am also very excited to announce that I am now studying TAXIDERMY and will be offering an eclectic and wild variety of unique Home Decor as well as Skull Cleaning Service. Stay tuned for my new Series called Necro Parlour. (follow on Instagram @necroparlour ) “Employing intuition as a guide and raw emotion as fuel, I give all of myself to my Art. I engage with each piece, as if in a dance. Allowing the painting to lead me I aim to reveal it's unique energy, it's voice and the story it has to tell.”

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