Anonymous Art Show Artists 2023



Meet the artists who contributed to this year’s Anonymous Art Show

Arts Whistler is especially grateful to all the artists and creatives who donated their talents. We’re excited to see so many people creating art, especially art that helps us create more art! Their generous participation will help Arts Whistler offer diverse, accessible community programs and new equipment for the theatre.

Everyone who participates in the show gets a complimentary Arts Whistler Membership. We are pleased to welcome so many new members – check out our local artist profiles from our members in Whistler and the Sea to Sky. New members please be sure to submit your artist profile, so we can help promote your work throughout the year!

Scroll down to learn more about each artist.

(If you’re looking for your favourite artist, they are listed alphabetically by first name:


Adela Beranek Through her amateur photography, Adela Beranek invites you to explore with her the connections of humans and nature to the lands now called BC. She likes chasing those moments of stillness and oneness as found in BC settings, framing them with an open–hearted yet inquisitive perspective. @allthe_goodthings_frombc,,
Adriano Renzi Adriano Renzi graduated in graphic design at UFRJ and Illustration at UARTs. He has been an active illustrator for children’s books, magazines and adverting for over 10 years, with over 30 published books and exhibits in Richmond, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Teresópolis, Montevideo, Shanghai, Beijing, Hanoi and Jalisco. Adriano is a volunteer artist for NGOs in Portugal and Brazil to help children have a better education. @adrianorenzi,
Aga Iwanicka “It’s late and I don’t know what to write here, but I hope that you enjoy the art show and get inspired to paint! It gets you off your phone for hours. Just play some good tunes and get creative. Stay weird!”
Alanna Jones “I am a self-taught acrylic artist. Most of my art is of mountain landscapes in BC. I love creating pieces with bright, exaggerated colours that capture memories of outdoor adventures. As an ER nurse, art is a calming escape from the busy Emergency Department I work in.” @lanny_lou_art
A. Fiteni Shhh… it is a secret.
Alexis McKinlay Alexis McKinlay is “super excited to finally take part in the Anonymous Art Show!”
Alli van Gruen Alli van Gruen is a contemporary Canadian artist with a multifaceted mixed portfolio. She is happy to play with multiple subject matters in her art practice. Alli strives to create a personal relationship between her artwork and her audience, ultimately evoking a feeling of intimacy and nostalgia. She uses intricate brushwork and an expansive colour palette to express her connections with her subject matter and tell a story.

Alli lives in Whistler, BC with her family and dog, Bea. Alli’s work in Whistler and many private collections in Canada and Europe. @allivangruenart,

Andrea Werry “Nature is our oldest teacher with endless lessons, and I am her student. Under UV light, she shares more secrets.”
Andrea Morton Andrea’s passions are photography and art. Experimenting with different media has given her a much-appreciated creative experience. Since retiring from an interesting nursing career, living in Whistler has renewed her enthusiasm for the arts. Landscapes here provide such an amazing variety of design and colour inspiration.
Andrea Moore Andrea has lived in Whistler since 1997, and it is here where she began her painting career. A signature loose and energetic brush stroke ignites and imparts spirit into her large-scale canvases of BC wildlife. When not painting in her home studio, Andrea is an avid mountain biker, cross-country skier, and part-time RMT practitioner. Andrea is represented in Whistler, Banff and Jasper by Mountain Galleries. @andrea_moore_artist
Andrew Kern “I spend my time like most people: in anguish, trying to find the spots worth hanging on to in life. I grew up in Minnesota, on the shore of Lake Superior, where the continent once tried to rip itself apart and was later stripped of all sediment by glacial movement. I cherish the value of human labour and, at the same time, recognize its futility in the face of deep time. Every day is a fresh beginning– and a continuation of a million indifferent, inescapable cycles.”
effe Shhh… it is a secret.
Angela Muellers Inspired as a child, Angela Muellers Grandfather introduced her to oil painting and took her to art museums. Angela completed over 10 years of full-time study from abstract to realism. She combines her love of nature, technical skills, form, colour, and applying paint. @angelamuellers ,
Angie Angie is a creative whose significantly inspired by the world around her. She can never settle into one medium and constantly tries new projects. However, drawing has always been a comfort to her and an escape she can create into new magical realms.
Anna Lynch A self-declared “British craft nerd”, Anna made Whistler her home in 2010 and has been creating artwork in the Sea to Sky corridor ever since. She primarily uses textile mediums such as weaving, felting, knitting, and beading when creating new works. Anna has always been interested in replicating texture and tactile elements of the natural world in her work. She uses traditional techniques and modern design to make each piece unique.
Annabelle Gunner “I am not an artist, but can never turn down a painting wine night!! I submit a piece every year, because why not ?!”
Atilla “Just me here in Whistler!” @attilaart
Audrey Lundie Audrey Lundie is thankful to call Whistler home and be part of its creative community. She enjoys observing and painting the ever-changing seasons in watercolour, finding inspiration in the shapes and colours of the natural environment. She sees painting as a gift that has allowed her to truly observe and appreciate the beauty that surrounds her.
Aurora Warren “Navigating my way through this life by drawing on everything and anything. Pen and ink is my medium of choice. Although I do a lot more digital art these days, every once in a while, I return to my traditional materials.

This past year, I have endured through deepest grief and loss, and it’s become more important than ever to find my sense of wonder and curiosity through my creations. I hope that my art may help others find it too.” @ror_illustration

Avril Astles “From the heart. Full of emotion.”
Barb Bowlsby ​Barb was born in Vancouver, BC and has been in the art world since she was a little girl, surrounded and inspired by a family of artists. She worked for decades as an ER nurse and in disaster planning, although creativity has always been a part of her life.

She works in her home studio in Vancouver most of the year. However, she has a creative space in the Fraser Valley and Whistler. These look out onto old-growth forests where wildlife abounds and provides a sanctuary with an endless supply of inspiration to create and never get bored. @barbbowlsby

Barbara Instance “I am a long-time, full-time resident of Whistler. I have enjoyed painting for years. Currently, I enjoy the company of a group of ladies called Shades of Grey.”
Bea Gonzalez “I love painting and drawing, especially with my friends and a glass of wine. My subject matter ranges from landscapes to portraits, and the local mountains and lakes of the BC Sea to Sky country are a constant source of inspiration. I love to hike and travel, and I am always with my camera, ready to capture the appeal of light, landscape and culture.”
Bea Searle Painting in acrylics, Whistler artist Bea Searle continues to bring colourful representations of the seasons of Whistler, BC and abroad. She has benefited from many workshops with artists from BC to Nova Scotia.
Becky Dalziel “I live in Whistler, BC and love being in nature, surfing, biking, and skiing. My surroundings and love for Whistler and travelling inspire my artwork.” @makinglane,
Ben Keating “Shred ’til you’re dead, baby.” @soulclub_whistler
Borgi Rayen Borgi Rayen is a jewelry artist who dabbles in painting occasionally.
Brenda Dallaway “Based in the forest, I aim to capture the colour and tempo of nature but usually end up laughing.” @dallaway_art
Brenda Norrie “I am an artist who uses all media types; I paint, draw and work with fibre arts and ceramics. I have always loved creating, and when I’m not in my home studio, I’m out travelling, finding new inspiration for new works.”
Brett Florio In an effort to age into the Renaissance Man aesthetic both his grandfathers so effortlessly wore, Brett began sketching and painting in 2022. Though “musician” is the only label he claims for himself, he has enjoyed the parallels between visual arts and music and how making art has allowed for a deeper appreciation and understanding of the visual arts. For Brett’s music, check out the Courageous Mountain Rangers (, the Sea to Sky’s acoustic funtime bluegrass band. @brettflorio,
Brianna Beacom Shhh… it is a secret.
Bridgit Duckworth Bridget started painting in oils many years ago, and after a long hiatus due to skiing, sailing and hiking activities, she took up watercolours. Bridget took a watercolour class and has been painting ever since. She also hosts twice weekly salons, painting with friends. The mutual critiques are most beneficial and fun.
Bronwyn Preece bronwyn preece is a multi-disciplinary eARThist, boundary-defying poetic pirate, author, and community-engaged, site-sensitive, improvisational performance artist living as a guest on the unceded, Traditional Territories of the of the L̓il̓wat7úl and Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh Úxumixw Nations.  she holds a phd in performance, is a mother, an avid hiker, has a bunch of tattoos and appreciates the unexpected!
Proper Artsy (Bryony Dique) Bryony Dique is a self-taught artist who moved to Whistler from the UK in 2019. She started her creative company ‘Proper Artsy’ in 2021, and it has slowly been growing in the Sea to Sky corridor. Bryony primarily paints in a style that combines realism and surrealism in gouache and acrylic, illustrates in graphite pencil and ink, and creates abstract pieces with alcohol ink. @properartsy,
Bryony Barnes-Tulk “Nothing inspires awe and creativity like our surrounding nature here in the Sea-to-Sky, and there’s rarely a day I don’t find myself pausing to imagine a scene captured in paint. We all see the world so differently, but I imagine we all find a similar beauty in our home here, and I can only hope my art captures even the slightest essence of that joy that we share.” @bbtillustration,
Caitlin Gawa Caitlin has been creating art and drawing animals all her life. She started to paint portraits of her pets and fell in love with the process of capturing the essence and personality of the animals. Her artwork welcomes viewers to form deeper connections and the ability to understand animals emotionally. Her artwork is inspired by metaphysics, the supernatural, her Gitxsan background and traditional Indigenous practices involving connection and empathy towards nature and animals. Her paintings are whimsical, with ethereal elements that express love, authenticity, harmony, and empathy through her brushstrokes. @cherishedcompanions
Camila Castellon Self-made Sea to Sky artist. Experiment with epoxy resin and acrylic paint. The outdoors, social issues and nature all inspire Camila’s creations.
Candace Espeseth “Snow is falling, mountains calling; grab your gear and get up here!” When the mountains aren’t calling too loudly, Candace loves to paint.
Carla Bragagnolo Carla has lived across Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver) and travelled extensively through the USA, Europe, Asia, India and Africa. Throughout her travels, she has lugged around her camera to capture the landscapes, captivated explicitly by the subtle but unmistakable elements that made each place feel unique.

Her paintings are inspired by her travel photography and from spending time outside in nature, where she currently lives in Squamish on the unceded territory of Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw (the Squamish Nation).   @carlabragsart

Rise by Caro “I am a South American enjoying life in Whistler, BC. You’ll find me on the mountains – snowboarding, drawing, hiking, camping and dancing.”,
Cary Lopes Originally a graphic designer, Cary arrived in Whistler after living most of her life divided between Hong Kong, England, and a windmill in Portugal. In Whistler, ‘Paintertainment’ was born, designing and creating costumes primarily for corporate and special events.

Cary teaches painting online via Zoom, and evening classes each week. Learn to paint and relax with a glass (or two) of wine. New aspiring artists are always welcome to join. Cary also continues to accept commissions for paintings. @paint.with.cary, @crazy_hummingbird_lady,

Cathy MacKay “A beginner painting for fun. I love watercolour for the way it moves on the paper in magical ways.”
Cathy Jewett Shhh… it is a secret.
Cedar Dobbin “Nature photography as an art form has been a passion of mine for 20 years. My artwork expresses my relationship with the earth; I explore and experience it with childlike wonderment. I create pieces that capture and highlight the magic and whimsy I feel when connecting with wildlife.

Thank you so much for supporting my dream!” @cedarlynndobbin

Charmaine Carpenter Charmaine is not an artist… but she does make stuff.

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” – Andy Warhol

Cheryl Center “I come from a long line of artists, so being creative has always been in my nature. Over the last 3 years, I’ve been able to reconnect with my creative self, and it’s given me so much joy. I’m so grateful for Arts Whistler and the opportunity to put a little piece of my artwork into the world.”
Cheryl Roller Cheryl has lived on the West Coast for over 30 years, which inspired her passion for capturing the beauty of nature. She began drawing at a young age, maintaining strong drawing and composition skills. She loves to simplify and distort forms and colour to create a visual rhythm and often suggests the medium to use being oil, pastel or acrylic.

Primarily self-taught, Cheryl has developed her artisan techniques by studying with several respected Canadian artists. Cheryl has exhibited in numerous shows such as FCA, RIC2020, Whistler’s Anonymous Art Show, Gallery 1710, Purely Pastel, Oil and Water. @rollercheryl,

Chloe Dace Shhh… it is a secret. @daceography,
Christine Timm “My interest in painting took flight when I was turning seventy and finally had the time, and received the much-needed encouragement, to pick up a brush or pencil again. Workshops with our newly formed seniors painting group and online lessons have provided guidance. During the past decade, I ventured into projects I would never have imagined possible and continue to enjoy the hours I can now spend painting and drawing.”
Christine Bilodeau Shhh… it is a secret.
Christy Voelker “I am a weekend warrior aspiring artist enjoying my free time exploring the wonderful world of painting and sketching.”
Clark Blumberg “I learned to paint this year and love Bob Ross.”
Cléa Thomas Cléa is passionate about art and loves to experiment. She has been living in Whistler and Pemberton for the past few years. She loves the beauty of this place and its people.
Craig Barker “My role as a cannabis photographer is to educate and inspire folks to look at this wonderful planet in a different light.” @craigbarkerphoto
Dalia Shehata Dalia Shehata was born in Egypt and began drawing when she was 4. Her grandfather recognized her talent and signed her up for any available art & painting classes in one of the oldest Fine Arts Universities in the Middle East. After finishing her IGCSE’s, Dalia joined the same Fine Arts University, where she studied for five years with a minor in interior design. When she and her husband moved to Squamish with their two girls in 2016, they opened Happimess with a passion for making art accessible to everyone.  @happimessart,
David Petko Dave has called Function Junction, Whistler home for close to 39 years. He likes it there. He likes making art there.

Dave also likes making tattoos there at his studio Black Ohm Tattoos. He also makes live art throughout Whistler Village in the summer. Check out the mural in Olympic Plaza behind the post office. @davepetko

David James  “I started drawing charcoal faces as an escape, and one day was asked to create a portrait. I chose acrylic and loved working that way. I joined Jeff Wilson’s Acrylic Salon through North Van Arts, which opened up new realms. Wanting to add regularity throughout the year, I joined a 52-week challenge with Jed Dorsey and Dianna Shyne through Acrylic University.  I then joined a mastermind group with David Langevin through Mastrius, a community of artists where Doug Swinton currently mentors me. My journey continues, I love it, and I look forward to sharing it with you!”  @burphamboy,
David Ives   David moved to Vancouver from the UK in 2014. His art showcases the beauty of locally sourced reclaimed materials through abstract work that combines colour and texture. He uses a blend of laser cutting, power tools and handcrafting techniques and enjoys customizing his work to meet his client’s specific requirements. David is very grateful to live and work on the unceded Musqueam, Squamish & Tsleil-Waututh territories. @davidivesart
Deb Willis Deb uses collage, acrylic paint & threads to explore the many layers of the human mind with an emphasis on memory loss. @debwillis62
Denise Brown  Denise is a “local Realtor stretching her wings by learning acrylic art during covid. Trying a variety of subjects and themes. Looking for more inspiration.”  @denisebrownwhistler,
Denny Provost My name is Denny Provost. I am a 10th generation Métis. We come from the algonkian tribe, my ancestors were the first legally recorded marriage between a White man and an “Indian.” I attended Windsor University for a bachelor of fine arts and have been practicing art for over 20 years. My style is often realistic, using sharp lines and a colourful pallet. I work on pushing the limit of 2 dimensions to new places and enjoy the process of exploring the journey. I am grateful to get the chance to paint.
Diane Zaste  “I’m a retiree and have resided at Lillooet Lake for 23 yrs. Living remotely has motivated me to become more intimate with the heart of nature. I have no formal training, but I enjoy learning as I go. With nature as inspiration,  I enjoy creating with whatever is provided on my many walks. I’ve more recently taken up watercolour painting and photography. I am also an avid gardener with over 1/4 acre of flower beds, shrubbery, vegetables and berry plants.”
Diane Grdina Based on Vancouver’s beautiful Northshore, Diane has been painting in oils and acrylics and has recently started exploring cold wax.  Finding inspiration in nature, she paints both representationally and abstractly.
Dilys Huang Dilys Huang is currently based in the Metro Vancouver area and mainly focuses on ink and watercolour sketches. With her background and interest in urban planning, Dilys is curious and fascinated by the surrounding environment. Her sketches tend to highlight buildings, cities, and the urban landscape. She draws much of her inspiration from what she sees and places she has been to or travelled to. @dilysarts
Dione Dolan Dione is a local artist. She moved to the west coast at a young age and quickly fell in love when she saw the vast and breathtaking wilderness of British Columbia: the rocky Pacific shoreline, the moss and foliage of the Pacific Temperate Rainforest, and the ever-transforming skies over the local Cascade Mountains.

Dione’s art has been featured in and sold from many FCA juried shows where she has also received awards. Dione was awarded Associate Signature status by the Federation of Canadian Artists in March 2018. See more of her works at   @dioneart,

Dominique Noreau “Playing with shapes and colors.”
Don Schwartz Don lives in Whistler with his family.  He is an outdoor enthusiast. His imagination is turned on by hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, and boating – really anything outdoors! He loves to take photos while on the ride! @don_schwarty,
Dorell Carlson “I love to celebrate LIFE one painting at a time!”
Doria Moodie Doria Moodie is a full-time artist based in Whistler, represented by Mountain Galleries in the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Banff,  and Jasper. She specializes in large, intimate portraits of bears, particularly grizzlies, and she supports them by donating a percentage of sales to the  Grizzly Bear Foundation as well as by sitting on their board. Doria also paints landscapes and people, especially groups of little children on the slopes.
Dustin Reinhart Shhh… it is a secret.
Dylan DeGraff “Just a guy living the dream.” @shinewhistler
Eladia del Castillo Born and raised on the Spanish west coast, Eladia is an artist inspired by the beauty of nature. Impressed by the wildlife around the world, she has been learning, observing and getting impressed by every animal, plant and landscape she finds on her way.

Geometry and organic shapes combined in simple compositions are the core of her current work. Using stippling as a technique that brings her (and the viewer) to the present, making them look closer, stop and get their attention to what they are looking at, mimicking the act of finding and discovering something new.   @ladidcg

Eldon Finck “I was born and raised in Mt. Currie, Pemberton, and Whistler. A true local. I played quarterback for the Pemberton Grizzlies, which united these three communities. I am working to unite us all again through art and music. It took a long time to accept who I am, conforming to anything that would be validating in the slightest. It was, and is, a long road to recovery, but I’m here now and fully aware that I don’t run the show. I am blessed to be presented with this opportunity and grateful for you and your presence. God bless.” @eldonsumartiwalla
Elizabeth  Graca “I enjoy capturing the beauty of our local scenery, whether in photographs, acrylics or oils.” @youcanfindliz
Ellen Heale “I am a mixed media artist living on the Sunshine Coast of BC.  Architectural lines and the beauty of nature inspire me.  Working with vibrant colours and textures – woven with collage elements – fuels my creativity and gives my art dimension.

I paint by intuition, often using transfer techniques and found materials to create original, one-of-a-kind artwork.  Look for a hint of the unexpected to surprise and delight.  I want you to feel inspired.”

Emma Doyle Emma is an artist, ceramicist & teacher based in Whistler. Her artwork is full of intricate details with subtle textures that give a sense of depth to her art. Often using mixed media such as fine-line, watercolour & pencils, the natural world & mankind’s influence on it inspires Emma. Her ceramics are a contrast of smooth & textured with signature patterns & a strong colour palette. Emma studied art in the UK at Wimbledon Art College, Brighton University & a Fine Art school in Chelsea, before moving to Whistler. She has exhibited internationally & enjoys teaching art & sculpture. @edoyledesigns
Erik Van Meerbergen Erik Van Meerbergen, or Big Love as he’s known in the music scene, is a lover of all things (hence the name). He enjoys collaging and pairing unusual images that contrast and complement each other. He finds the playful side in his imagery and hopes to showcase a bit of a sense of humour in his pieces.
Esther Shoop “Painter, printmaker, mixed media artist (and really awful ceramist) who has no plan on what subject or medium to work on next… it’s about the journey, not the destination!”
Fernanda Flano “I grew up with an artist father and sister but never got to develop my painting skills continuously. Every time I pick up the brush to start a new painting, it’s a whole new adventure of discovering what I got in my genes. My main inspiration has been the Sea to Sky nature, similar to what I used to see back home in Chilean Patagonia. This connection between these two opposite worlds, it’s what always gets my attention and inspiration to portray nature’s soul.” @ferniflano,
Francis Dickinson @aniseanddill
Francis Bantayen Francis Bantayen is a Squamish-based artist with a background in illustration. Working in digital and traditional mediums, he incorporates cartoony characters that delve into different narrative elements. @fb.illustrations,
Francis Solar Frances Solar has been a traditional weaver and textile artist for many years. Applying the same techniques and ideas to industrial materials is a natural progression of her work. She began working with copper as its warm colour has always attracted her. @solarcopper
Fredy Valencia Fredy Valencia, originally from Santiago, Chile, has lived in Whistler since 2017. He holds a bachelor’s degree in design, specializing in visual communications, and works as a graphic designer.

With a passion for illustration, Fredy’s artistic style is bold, colourful and mischievous. He seeks to find the playful side of the world he draws.

Fredy continues to be inspired daily by the rugged landscape of the place he is so lucky to call his home. @fredyvalencia

Gail McKellar “Living in the Sea to Sky corridor certainly is inspirational to paint and photograph the beauty surrounding us. Conversely, when you paint and photograph, you see the colours, shapes and beauty in the sweeping vistas and the tiniest details. The more I paint, the more I love it!”
George Hall “I like to work with my hands while creating art. I usually work with stone and clay, creating figure sculptures. More recently, I’ve been experimenting with creating natural stone lamps, stone bowls, and sinks. Some of my favourite mediums include alabaster, soapstone, and marble.” @georgelawsome
Grace Kerr Heavily influenced by her natural surroundings, Grace draws inspiration from the textures and patterns of the Pacific Northwest as well as her fascination with the unknown to create her whimsical worlds.
Grace works primarily in graphite, charcoal and pen. Her work explores the underlying magic that resides in ourselves, drawing inspiration from the forests, classic fairy tale illustrations and the lure of the natural and supernatural world. @gracekerrart
Graham Watts Canadian visual Graham Watts is a landscape artist specializing in wildlife and local scapes of Vancouver, Whistler and the Sea-To-Sky Corridor. His original pieces are hand-painted in oil on canvas and feature a hint of realism with the artist’s interpretation. Graham’s work has sold throughout B.C., across Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom. @grahamwatts.fineart,,, YouTube: @wattsart
Guy Gerath “Nature photographer interested in capturing movement and detail in the natural world.”
Hannah Mccurley “I was born in 1950 and remembered being in love with art as a child. Later in life, I became a self-taught painter. My early retirement in 2007 led to San Miguel, Mexico. There I met Toller Cranston, who became a close friend. We painted together until his passing.

Poverty and its nasty effects on local children overwhelmed me. The best joy children can have is through their imagination! I started the CHILDREN’S ART FOUNDATION to teach hundreds of kids each year for free.

I love Whistler and the art community here. My love of art is stronger than ever.”,

 Hannah Putnam Hannah Putnam loves painting (and playing in) the beauty of the natural world. She takes inspiration from the incredible photographs taken by her friends and enjoys adding a personal touch when recreating them on a canvas.
Harvey Lim “Picture framer by day, art hack by night!”
Heidi Gerath “I create mixed media art in celebration of nature.” @woodsy.wonders
Helen Judge “My name is Helen. I moved here from San Fran 6 years ago, originally from England. I studied art and illustration for many years. For the last three years, I have been tattooing. I recently quit that to go back to illustration. I like to do various styles. What I painted for the show was purely for fun. Childlike in content and style. I wanted to create pieces that were fantastical and something to make people laugh or smile. No important message, only to not take anything too seriously, especially in art.”
Hugo Sears “Local skier; tore my MCL so I kept my creating fresh lines on canvas rather than in thaaaa pow. Yeeeewww!” @zenathleticpt,
Imogen Osborne Imogen always has an idea for the next creative project floating around in her head. She enjoys incorporating mixed media elements into her art pieces and experimenting with different materials and mediums to create texture. Often diving in with a concept, not knowing how the finished product will turn out, no two pieces are ever the same!
Ingrid Gutzmann “I am in my early stages as an aspiring artist. I love the mountains and the spirit they provide me. I never tire of mountain views and impressions. I have started painting in the abstract realm and learning to express myself in abstract form.”
Ira Pettle Ira Pettle is a Canadian performing artist and creative. @irapettle,,, YouTube 
Irma Watt Irma Watt has been a “Shades of Grey Arts” member in Pemberton for the last ten years. This seniors group meets once a week and paints primarily with acrylics while learning from each other, socializing, and occasionally having a true artist giving a lesson.
Isabella Sobral Isabella Sobral is an artist and graphic designer who loves to create art using all kinds of paper. Drawing has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember, but she found paper quilling her favourite while trying new techniques.

She is always searching for new ways of building meaningful connections while creating something beautiful and inspiring. She hopes her art brings warmth and joy to your heart the same way it did to hers while she was creating it. @bybellasobral

It’s 1958 It’s 1958 started during the pandemic when Sira had more time than she knew what to do with. Since then, she’s experimented with watercolours, block printing, acrylics and digital illustrations. With her love for colourful designs and the simplicity of dark lines, Sira aims to bring joy to your home. @its_1958
Jana Jaroszova Jana Jaroszova, originally from the Czech Republic, moved to Whistler 2 years ago after finishing her Master’s in Arts & Design. She loves mountains, and her passion brought her here.

You can find her snowboarding, climbing, hiking, or simply enjoying local areas.

Jane McDougall Jane enjoys using hand painted mixed paper to create art. @janeyjammer
Janet Nietvelt “I have been painting for about four years, mostly portraits, but I have become interested in doing some landscapes.
T-bo “Just a little piece to help me get back into an old passion.”
Jen Yates “I live, work, play and create on the unceded territory of the Skwxwú7mesh Uxwumixw. I am inspired daily by Howe Sound’s people, animals and the natural beauty of the Sea to Sky Corridor. I have been drawn to art and the creation process my whole life. I have explored photography, acrylic, watercolour paints, and collage. I enjoy waves and love how the medium of watercolour moves, flows and magically mixes, as they do in the ocean.” @jk_yates.create
Jenna Robinson Jenna creates realistic paintings of Western Canadian mountains, forests and water. Drawn by the play of light on her local landscape, her paintings depict scenes full of colour and contrast. Her inspiration to put brush to canvas flows from her outdoor adventures in the mountains. She works from her home studio in Squamish, BC. @jennarobinsonart,,, Pinterest: jennadrobinson/_created
Jenna Zevenbergen Jenna moved to Whistler from Ontario almost a year ago. As an artist, she has loved all the local art and events in the area. Jenna has found so much inspiration for her art since coming here. She loves working with different painting and drawing mediums. She primarily works with watercolour, acrylic, inks, and pastels. Jenna is thrilled to participate in the Anonymous Art show this year.
Jenna Jones This Whistler-based artist creates original art and fine art prints. Their artwork is inspired by nature and fuelled by adventuring through the coastal mountains. @iamjennajones,,
Jessie Morden Shhh… it is a secret.
Joanie Mitchell “Self-taught artist, currently painting with acrylic on canvas. Enjoy experimenting with style, expression and colour. Motto: be fearless, fun and avoid boring!”
Jocelyne Courchesne “Just a small-town girl from Field, in northern Ontario. Nature has always inspired me; the wonders that surround us are absolutely amazing to me. I’m fascinated when I see animals in nature or just a simple flower that blooms, the beautiful colours that capture my attention, the all-around beauty of what earth that we live on offers makes my heart happy.”
Joe Renzi “I am a grade 11 student planning to get into art school. My paintings are a way to explore new combined media and ideas into one place that only with both elements of media the topic shines.” @jo_alienfriend
Joe Suave “I usually work with metal as a medium being a welder fabricator and metal artist. I decided to try something a little different with this piece. ***(using this next part for bio card)*** utilizing a wood burner to create this Raven. I currently operate out of my studio in Pemberton.” @joe_sauve_metal,,
Juan Teruel “Passionate illustrator of mountains and art… I always try to capture nature in each of my strokes, creating unique and sensitive art pieces.” @la_retratoteka,,
Julia  Leigh Julia is an up-and-coming artist in the Pemberton Valley. When she isn’t painting, she enjoys time with friends, family or pets. Julia’s second love is gymnastics.  @julia_leigh_art
Julie Julien Enjoying retired life, Julie is an artist of many talents; from panting, cake decorating, sewing, floral work, knitting and more! Mostly self-taught and inspired by the beautiful natural landscapes of British Columbia, she is always experimenting with mix media creations.
Julie Duczynski “I am interested in science, cultures and beauty in the world around us. My art explores visual development and illustrations in different mediums, and I hope convey a little whimsy that can be found in all our lives. Originally from Alberta, I’ve enjoyed the transition to the west coast and all the inspiration in meeting new people and finding new places.” @julieduczynski,
Julie Martin “I just enjoy painting for pleasure mainly with acrylic and capturing anything that inspires me.”
Karen Yaremkewich Textile artist Karen Yaremkewich creates contemporary, one-of-a-kind, wearable art and Mixed Media Paper Collage entirely from recycled materials. She breathes new life into locally sourced reclaimed fabric waste and thrift shop finds. Yaremkewich is a full-time artist, seamstress and online store owner of Endure Upcycled Designs (on Etsy), where she shares her creations around the world.    @enduredesigns,
Karl Huber Emerging artist from the southern hemisphere.
Karyn Kraemer Vancouver artist with a special love for the elements, emotional expression, and the human experience.
Kate McKinlay “I’ve lived in the Sea to Sky for many years and really enjoy being able to take part in the different events put on by Arts Whistler!!” @kate_mckins
Katherine Read “I grew up in England watching my mum paint watercolour paintings, which were framed by my dad. I moved to Canada and brought up three children in beautiful British Columbia. Introduced to acrylics by Cary Lopes a couple of years ago and have enjoyed exploring different styles and techniques. I love finding inspiration in nature and the natural world, especially in this beautiful province we live in.”
Kathy Leverton “This is my 2nd year in the Anonymous Art Show; I had so much fun last year, I thought I should do it again. I have been painting with acrylics for about 1 1/2 years. I have been lucky enough to take lessons from a few local artists and learn from them as I strive to find my own style. Still a work in progress. I can’t wait to learn more!”
Katie Williamson Shhh… it is a secret.
Katie-Rose Hay Shhh… it is a secret. @katie_hayday
Katrina  Ewanchuk “When I create art, I want to create an environment that is calming and engaging to the viewer. I enjoy layering and overlapping shapes and forms. I love nature and incorporate images into my work. It was a challenge working this small. @ewanchukkatrina,
Keith Gourlay Keith lives in Squamish and has been enjoying painting a series of his favorite local mountains. @keithgourlay
Kelly Carter  Shhh… it is a secret.
Ken Martin Ken Martin is a local Whistler resident. He started painting as a COVID hobby, getting insight initially through YouTube videos, then having the privilege of working with the great local artists, Cary Lopes and Andrea Mueller. Ken is currently taking advantage of the online course offerings from Emily Carr University.
Kierra Olive “I was introduced to visual art at a very young age and always felt that it was my purpose. As of three years ago, I started to see my creativity show more and can express myself through my creative art. It inspires me to inspire others, and spread joy to my friends and family and people all over!” @kierraoliveart
Felix Shhh… it is a secret.
Kim Fern “Originally from Australia, I moved to Whistler for the mountains and outdoor lifestyle. Being outside and in nature makes me happy, and I like to capture that in a creative way.” @snowflake_145
Kirstin Shaw “Based in the Canadian Pacific Northwest on the land of The Qayqayt First Nation, I am a boho doodler, multi-media & abstract creatrix, and Instagram photographer. I engage in multiple mediums (felt pens, oil pastel, acrylic paint) and create spontaneously from the mysterious void.” @feather_adrift
Kristen Clements Kristen Clements moved from Australia to Squamish in 2019, pre-pandemic. Originally from London, Ontario, she has called many places home – from London to Calgary to Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Enjoying a brief time at ACAD (Alberta College of Art & Design) – now known as Alberta University of the Arts – where she met many artists and enjoyed creating in a unique artistic environment. She is pursuing a career in Firefighting and creating paintings from the natural world around her in Squamish. @/kristencclements
Lad Haines Shhh… it is a secret.
Laura Genovese Laura Genovese is an artist from the Tri-Cities area, Coquitlam, B.C.  She loves to create pieces that incorporate elements from nature.  Inspired by the Canadian West Coast, Laura is often found creating images for collectors, friends and family.  When Laura is travelling, she creates watercolour paintings on location.  Pet portraits and landscapes are her specialties.

Laura enjoys working with various media-acrylic, watercolour, plaster, glass and other natural elements to create landscape, floral and “pet portrait” paintings.

Laura exhibits annually with the Port Moody Art Association where she is the Treasurer, 2022-present and Past President 2017-2022. @lauraleegenovese,,

Laura Antonelli Laura is an Argentinian graphic designer who’s been studying and experimenting with calligraphy for many years. She creates abstract calligraphic compositions, pushing the limits of traditional calligraphy. She mostly uses writing tools that she makes herself, which allows her to achieve those unique strokes. @lauraantonelli,
Lauren Hawthorn Whistler based mixed media artist.
Lee Schwartz Lee is a busy Mom of two in Whistler. She enjoys moving and loves the outdoors. She is often in the Emerald Forest with her dog, Zoe. Lee is exploring her creative side and searches out artistic opportunities for her family. She loves setting a plethora of art supplies on the kitchen table so her family can create masterpieces!
Lesley Fireweed Gering Lesley “Fireweed” Gering is an award-winning Emily Carr Alumni who explores the themes of modern technology, ancient mythology and science in multiple mediums. Her passion for riding motorcycles and for the Ancient Near East & Indian culture has brought her to the top of the Himalayas on small dirt bikes and into the rare archives of Eastern European museums discovering that science and mythology have links – it’s the awareness of this beautiful juxtaposition that is her artistic journey. With each stroke and each layer painted with acrylic, oil and used motorcycle oil – Fireweed pushes the boundaries of fabricated & body mechanics in Humanity, Machine and Mother Nature.
Libby McKeever “Inspired by travels, nature and community.” @libbyannemck
Lindsey Johnson Lindsey Tyne Johnson is a 29-year-old mixed media artist. Lindsey’s work is inspired by a desire to connect with the spiritual world and help others do the same. With her unique blend of traditional and modern approaches, Lindsey creates art that is both meaningful and visually striking. When she is not creating art, Lindsey can be found spending time with her loved ones, finishing her bachelor’s in Criminology, and exploring the beautiful Kamloops landscape. @lindseytyne/
Logan Gerath Local mixed media artist with a love for nature.
Lois Blunt “I am a skier living in Whistler with a background in print and textile design. I love portraying the mountains and landscape in my work.” @loisblunt
Lorine Mason (van Voorst) “Lorine’s ongoing exploration of shape, colour and line continues in each new work.”
Lydia  Schwartz Lydia lives in Whistler, where she is inspired by nature and animals. Lydia has sold pieces at the Show Us Your Art Show in Vancouver, as well as the Anonymous Art Show and Teeny Tiny Art Show in Whistler.

Lydia works with many mediums. She really likes watercolour but has recently been playing with acrylics.

Madeleine Daviault “I love drawing and painting cartoons.”
Marcelle Armatage Marcelle is a Whistler artist. Since returning to painting, her artwork continues to evolve consciously and unconsciously.

Her paintings consist of abstract landscapes and flowers. The landscapes of the Sea to Sky Corridor influence the direction of the geometric patterns, lines and shapes that she uses, working with many layers of acrylic paint and mixed mediums.

She is fascinated with shapes, textures and contrasts. Each body of work embodies her interest in unique forms, creative subjects and colours, so each painting is unique.

Marco Zunino This is the first time I’ve submitted a photo entry for an art exhibition. I love to photograph skiers and boarders on the mountain. The interplay of movement, speed, and nature lend a particular kinetic energy and fleeting moment that is difficult to obtain elsewhere. @emmzed_,
Margaret Reda “I retired from a medical career four years ago. Before the age of 17, I enjoyed creating imaginary drawings. Except for a drawing course at McGill University in Montreal, I had no formal training. Drawing and painting can create beauty… Creating beauty is a wonderful gift to be shared. And a picture is worth a thousand words. So art can convey wonder and beauty. And it can convey profound messages capable of transforming our thoughts, our ideas.”
Mariana Perea “I love living now! My life is my canvas. My life is my healing journey.

I am LOVE, reflecting Universal Bliss while skiing in Whistler Blackcomb, swimming at a lake, walking through the Rainforest, sailing throughout the Southern Gulf Islands, sharing with extraordinary souls, and when sitting still in silence. I seek meaning and intention in every manifestation of my being. My art and photography mirror my light, dark and coloured experiences. My source is Love. My power comes from Resilience & Energy of Abundance. My hope boosts with the Energy of Gratitude.” @marianahummingbird108,

Marie Buhler “I love to mix media.” @mzllhirondelle,
Marie Leduc “I have been in Whistler for 14 years now. I discovered painting with a group of retirees and enjoy doing paintings that reflect our travels.”
Marilyn Angell “Expressing through color & texture my imagination.”
Marine Pavageau “22 yo French art student working as a cook in Canada and doing weird stuff with a camera.”
Sol Perea Sol is a creative artist, fashion designer, photographer, adventurer, and snowboarder that shines love, joy, friendship, and love anywhere she goes. Her art reflects her passion for nature and the Light in all of us. @solperea7
Maryna Malysh “Everything I draw is closely related to me. So I realize that I feel. In the past, I drew flowers, cats and smiles. This year everything is different. I came from Ukraine. I put all the pain on the canvas, so it’s easier.” @marina.malysh.9
Matt McInnis “A tinkerer of sorts.”
Meg Browning “Kiwi abroad.
Utilising the beautiful Sea to Sky for inspiration.
Obsessed with knitting toques and dropping ink.” @ink1_knit1
Melissa Mallari Melissa is a Whistler-based calligrapher & painter who is inspired by water, botany, poetry, and human connection. @the.meadow.lane
Mercedes  Nicoll “I was lucky enough to grow up in Whistler, and had the wonderful Mrs. Norrie as my high school art teacher. I have competed in a couple of winter Olympic Games representing Team Canada.” @mercedesnicollart
Michaela Ivancova Michaela is a passionate artist that finds inspiration in nature and personal experiences. She depicts events from her personal life and state of mind. Her past experiences and opportunities guided her in this direction, allowing her art to tell her story.

Michaela has a Master’s in Art Education from the University Of Presov. She has recently received her Art teaching certificate here in BC.

Coming to Whistler in 2017 opened many possibilities for her artistic visions. Mountains and animals became her new inspirations which she depicts in various media.  @michaelaivancovaart,,

Michelle Carty Michelle Carty is an Australian-born artist who has been living in the Pemberton area, since the early 90’s. She is a self-taught artist who likes to capture the natural beauty of her surroundings. Michelle’s love of fine detail and use of bright colour can be seen in her realistic and abstract artwork. @m.cartyart
Michelle Headley “Inspired by the different colours found in nature.” @wrenandwonder
Mo Douglas “I work at Arts Whistler, where the motto is “We make art happen”, so I did.”
Moira Chicilo Moira Chicilo is a consultant, musician and artist living in Vancouver, BC. For the past year, Moira has been building her artistic practice through attending regular art classes sessions at Phoenix Art Studio and Basic Inquiry Drawing Society. Moira’s work is inspired by the work of artists like Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, and Jean Paul Lemieux as she continues her pursuit of capturing the vastness and familiarity found in the land and people of Canada.  @moiracmusic
Murray  Lowe “Artist wanna be or rather be skiing.”
Naomi Pitt “An aspiring artist with a passion for bright colours and island feels!” @naopitt22
Nat Tuke Nat Tuke is an artist and graphic designer living in Squamish, BC. Her flowy, vibrant style celebrates iconic landmarks throughout the Sea to Sky region, almost always at sunset. When she isn’t painting or designing, she’s out climbing, skiing and backpacking throughout BC, soaking up as much inspiration as she can.
Natalie “From abstract to who knows what.

Once you bloom you stand in your power, purpose and potential.

Just as with a flower.

So as a person.

Natasha Plumridge “To make living itself an ART, that is the goal.” – Henry Miller @artbynatashalouise
Nathalie Davidson Nathalie was born in Vancouver in 1973 to an artistic mother, and as a child she had her first mother & daughter art exhibit in West Vancouver. Nathalie’s love of the arts grew through her elementary, secondary and post-secondary education. In 1995, Nathalie graduated with honours from Malaspina University-College with a diploma in Applied Arts — Graphics Option. This led to a very successful and award-winning career as a graphic designer spanning almost 20 years. Having since retired from the graphics industry, Nathalie now enjoys further exploring her love of both visual and textile arts. @spiritedsnaps
Nathania Brooke Nathania is a traveller with a fondness for all things nature. If she’s not at work, she’s most likely skiing, on an adventure, baking, or snuggled up reading by the fire. She likes working with her hands and dabbling in various arts and crafts when she has time. @kiwi.wanderer.nat
Nina Moore Nina Moore paints at the kitchen table in a cottage in Whistler, paints with her kids, paints with a cup of tea she is forever accidentally dipping her brush into, and eventually paints a little on every item of clothing she owns. She mostly paints with acrylic on canvas, and the paint doesn’t come out… she’s promised herself to start wearing an apron one of these days.  @makesmoore
Nina Duval Nina Duval grew up locally here in Whistler. Her artistic side is usually shown in her incredible work as a hair stylist, but occasionally she graces the visual arts world with a new piece.

Her art often portrays eyes which she is drawn to for the many ways they can be portrayed. In the culture of her Greek heritage, the eye holds great significance with supernatural powers for protection and health. The history and portrayal of eyes in the art are as deep and mysterious as her latest piece.

Noa Florio “Noa is a teenager and artist that paints, sketches, and creates graphic novels. She is not a fan of sharing personal information in bios, but hopes you enjoy her work.”
Norm Shearing “Over the last number of years, I have focused on portraitures but lately have started to explore abstract compositions. I start by painting simplifying scenes from construction sites in bright complimentary colours followed by many layers of colours in more muted tones. While the brightly coloured construction painting forms the base it gives way to a completely different composition.”
Olwen Kuiper Whimsical art based on journaling, photography.  @olwenkuiper
Paige Keith “My name is Paige Keith. I grew up in Whistler and studied Fine Art at the University of Victoria. My first experience as an artist was getting in trouble for drawing on the wall because I wanted something bigger than the paper. My work is mainly in acrylic, watercolour and ink, but I enjoy trying new mediums and techniques.” @peatreeiscool
Patricia Garrow “Nature is full of surprises! I’m inspired by bright colors and wonderful shapes.”
Patrick  Beveridge “I am just learning about painting.”
Paula Murphy “Retirement has provided the opportunity to explore new horizons. It all started so innocently with a course titled “Drawing for the Completely Intimidated.”

Intermediate Drawing followed, then Intro to Acrylics, then more workshops and classes. Before you could say mixed media, I had purchased an easel and learned to pronounce colours like alizarin crimson, dioxazine purple, and indanthrene blue. So much to paint, so little time!

Learning, creating, sharing: what’s not to love?”

Paulo Lopes “During these last few challenging yet interesting years, I have started to paint again. Many moons ago, I was an illustrator and graphic designer long before Cary and I started Paintertainment. Between costumes and events, I try to squeeze in some custom paint work – anywhere from large 3D sculptures, bikes, skateboards, helmets to painted corsets.

I consider myself more of a Custom Painter/Artist. Most of my commissioned work is based on the Auto Custom Culture. Even the “ART” I do tends to have a custom culture feel about it. I work mostly with airbrushes and large spray guns.” @solidair.custompaint, @paintertainment

Priscilla Saboia “My name is  Pri Saboia, I’m a Portuguese-Brazilian designer and a Permanent Resident of Canada. My work is inspired by my love for nature, travelling (88 countries so far), and outdoor activities. I’m committed to creating images that inspire others to care for our mother earth, make people happy, and brighten their mood. Travelling the world exposed me to different ideas, cultures, flavours, colours and textures.

Through my artistic skills, I create bold, colourful designs that reflect my passion for forests, mountains, oceans and animals. Nature is an infinite source of ideas, and I often say that Mother Nature is my Guru.”  @milkstudiorj

Rachel Curtis Rachel Curtis is an artist living in Whistler. She works with acrylic on canvas, comes from a family of artisans in New Zealand and is mainly self-taught. Rachel started painting in 2004 with some community art classes while raising two small children and enjoyed many sessions with friends around a dining room table over the last 20 years. She takes her inspiration from the beautiful nature around her, whether in the forest, the mountains, or the ocean.
Rae Kearney “I like to draw.”
Raf Zalewski Film photography has been a creative outlet for me that has replaced some of the convenience that cell phones offer in my life – you only get so many pictures and have no idea how they will turn out. The simplicity also acts as a reminder to take things slower and enjoy the finer things in life: breathing that fresh air and going on some wild adventures with friends! @rafzalewski
Rebecca Smykala “Draw the art you want to see, start the business you want to run, play the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read, build the products you want to use – do the work you want to see done.” – Austin Kleon  @beckysmykala,
Rebecca MacKay Rebecca usually hangs artwork and rarely creates it, though finishing a piece is always exciting.
Rebecca Smith Rebecca Smith grew up on the West Coast and has a background in textile arts. She loves observing the many miracles of the natural world and capturing its incredible beauty through art. She enjoys the ethereal quality created when cosmic imagery is juxtaposed with botanical forms.
Rob Schrack Shhh… it is a secret.
Rob LeBlanc “I am a Whistler-based artist who uses repurposed, recycled, and waste-stream diverted materials to create art that is unique, whimsical, and emotionally important to my clients.

I incorporate materials from someone’s past into my art to connect them to the present and the future. Whistler’s abundant beauty serves as a constant inspiration and a motivator to try to capture all that is magical about this place.”  @robswoodart,

Roberta Horn “I Play to loosen up without judgement.
I Experiment to be surprised and stimulated.
I Explore to learn and grow in my expression.Enjoying the Process.”
Robin  Mann “Really enjoy community events that help support arts.”  @robinwhistler10
Roger Cocking Roger lives in Aldergrove with his lovely wife, Alison. Roger is a new artist exploring his creative side. He loves to capture his friends having lots of fun in the outdoors.
Roisin Larock “I paint only sometimes and am excited to see my work displayed for the first time!”
Ron Denessen “With my art, I have always been interested in the emotional effects of colour and form with the landscape for inspiration. It’s as simple as that, yet a complicated balancing act. I attempt to capture the essence of what I see by abstracting the landscape into minimal colour and form. Like a memory, one may not remember all the details. However, perhaps the gist is just enough.” @rondenessen
Ronia Nash A Sea to Sky photographer capturing all the beauty that British Columbia has to offer us. @ronianash,
Rose Kamma-Morrison “Living in BC gives me unlimited access for inspiration. I can not see or hear the world the way you do, so I translate my vision into art.

I mainly create with alcohol ink. Its unpredictable nature excites my imagination to delve into a style that was unconscious with dream-like elements. For me, realism is something I had to let go from my hands and let my mind’s eye take over. This validates me as an artist and a master of adaptations in art and in changing the stigma of blindness, one brushstroke at a time.” @rosetkmo,

Ross Doherty “I am a long-time resident of North Vancouver, now retired and am married with two daughters. My greatest loves are travelling and photography.”
Ruth Hartnup Ruth is a hobby painter who started painting in her 40s. She enjoys losing herself in the process and seeing where the paint will take her. She is inspired by the endlessly varied natural world but has recently started experimenting with portraits. Originally from Aberystwyth, Wales, she splits her time between Vancouver and Whistler. @vandaffodil
S. Chase Shhh… it is a secret.
Sandra Sutton Shhh… it is a secret.
Sarafina Valentine “Nature is everything to me – to live in these coastal mountains, to breathe the clean air, surrounded by towering trees is my heaven on earth.” @yogardensdesigns
Sarah Wilson “I’ve been an avid art enthusiast for years, I love to paint pictures of the West Coast.” @skiraven
Sarah Afskoven Sarah Afskoven is a lifelong, self-taught painter turned professional of 10 years. Born and raised in Vancouver, she has lived and travelled across Canada and incorporated into her art the myriad faces and landscapes she has come across along the way.  @sarahafskovenart,,
Sarah McDonald Sarah McDonald is inspired by the outdoor adventures and memories created here in beautiful British Columbia.   @sarahmcdonaldartwork ,
Sarka Kump Sarka Dostal Kump was born in Czechoslovakia but has lived in Canada most of her life, presently residing in BC.

Sarka has been drawing and painting since childhood. Sarka’s work has been recognized in high school with two art scholarships. She has continued to build early training with FCA Masters Classes. Sarka works in multiple mediums, including acrylics, oils, pencils and watercolours.

Sarka’s love of nature and her family are an ongoing inspiration and is reflected in Sarka’s artworks.  @sskump,

Scott Scobie “While visiting the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in 2019, I saw a photo poster advertising a show at the museum. It stuck with me these past few years and what better time and place to recreate it in my own way on canvas using a Mitsubishi pencil and acrylic paint. I hope the Whistler crowd finds it fitting.”
Scott Leboldus “I am a local creative and have enjoyed bringing my pieces to life for this event annually. Every year, I try something different with the medium I’m using, or the subject matter presented. I hope you enjoy these works as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you.”
Sebastian Munoz This will be Sebastian’s third participation in the Anonymous Art Show. Originally from South America (Chile), Seb arrived in Whistler in the summer of 2018 and made the Sea to Sky Corridor his home ever since.

He has made photography his second career, mainly focusing on Real Estate and registering the multiple adventures biking, hiking or backcountry skiing surrounding Whistler’s beautiful landscapes. @sebastianmunoz

Sheldene Reich “Exploring my artistic side through watercolour and a bit of acrylics. A fun hobby that I enjoy with friends.”
Sherry Klassen “I love Whistler and all the nature that surrounds it. I feel very fortunate that I can create paintings inspired by this fantastic place I’m lucky enough to call my home. My hope is that some of the joy I feel when I capture these moments will be shared with others when they see my art.” @sheklas
Sophie Meynial “From the Andes a traveller arrived looking for an answer. Yet, the question was not yet made. Her dreams started to make her think about her life, present past and future. About the Sea to Sky and what she could find here. But every time she woke up, she forgot and asked herself, what was the dream about?” @sophinkarte
Sophie Joncas Sophie Joncas (they/them)

Autistic artist and Whistler local. @sophiej_127

Stacey Murl “I’ve had an interest in painting since I was a teenager. I have tried various art forms since but returned to painting with an “Art on the Lake” watercolour workshop. A few years later, I changed to acrylics. During COVID, I spent my spare time studying more art, more artists, more techniques and mediums to expand my horizons with painting and drawing. I am always keen to try new techniques, new mediums and new subjects. Art, for me, is an ongoing learning experience that I hope to continue forever.”
Stacy Lederman This Vancouver artist specializes in mixed media, using images that are part of the surroundings and making them her own. Her influences are urban and street-based, drawing from the energy of NYC, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Whistler and more. She uses photography, painting, and texture through various mediums to reflect ordinary images around us in a different way. Her works tell a story. They bring together vibrant colours and imagery to create uplifting and soul-filled pieces inspired by a shared moment in time or the energy and imagery from cities she travels. @stacylederman
Steffi Lai Steffi Lai is a graphic designer and visual artist, and also happens to be a licensed embalmer. She enjoys designing for print, logo design, and layout and tries incorporating illustrations into her work wherever possible.

She is inspired by her home in the pacific northwest and its lush forests, majestic mountains, dark mysterious oceans, and the many creatures that dwell within them. She is grateful and humbled to live and work in Squamish, BC, located within the Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw traditional territory.  @stefinitely,

Stella Schwartz Stella Schwartz resides in Whistler with her family. She loves the colours of nature around Whistler, but she is truly inspired by a fresh palette, like a new box of crayons!

Stella has sold pieces in the Anonymous Art Show, Teeny Tiny Art Show in Whistler, and the Show Us Your Art Show on Granville Island.

Stella has painted all of her life. She started with baby food and progressed to finger paints before moving on to tempera, watercolours, acrylic, and encaustic.

Stephanie  Lowe Stephanie Lowe was born and raised in New York in a village along the Hudson River about 70 kilometres from New York City.

Lowe graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. As a sculpture major, Lowe found clay intrigued her and fit her aesthetic. Malleable and forgiving, while timeless and strong, clay reminded her of her role as a woman and mother. Her narrative figures emerged as a fusion of her love of story-telling and clay.

These days you can find her hard at work creating a new portfolio of work, teaching the After School Children’s Program at the Audain Museum, and working with the Sea to Sky Potter’s Guild to bring more clay opportunities to the area as President of this organization. @stephanielowestudios

Stephen Baumbery Shhh… it is a secret.
Sue Haid Sue Haid is a recently retired Urban Planner who loves having more time to spend in the flow of art, which is a lifelong passion. She enjoys drawing and painting, often piqued by an unusual scene drawing one into mystery, unease, beauty and magic. She and her family love the outdoors, nature and the vitality of Whistler, including its rich art scene and community. Sue continues to pursue a path of discovery and joy through art as part of her “rewildment.”
Susie  Cipolla “I am a senior signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, live in the Sea to Sky Corridor. I paint full-time, and six galleries across Canada represent me.”
Suzanne Gibson “Stay artsy farsty. Stay weird.”
Suzanne Johnson Abstract artist, inspired by passion being creative with movement and color. @suzannejohnstonart
Tallulah Smith “Slowly rediscovering my love for drawing one doodle at a time.”
Tammy Seybold Tammy Flynn Seybold is an artist whose background in art conservation informs her technique, materials, and methods. Using historical materials such as rich oil or gold leaf to create modern landscapes or figures, she imbues her ephemeral subject matter with a sense of timelessness. Her works have been exhibited within Canada and internationally: from Toronto to Hong Kong to Lisbon.

When not in her studio painting, Seybold can be found snowboarding on Whistler’s slopes or hiking the Sea to Sky trails with her two rescue dogs. @arteachday,,,

Tanya De Leeuw “Sea To Sky photographer specializing in pets, outdoor sports and nature … more recently diving into (well, more like paddling in) the “fine art” world!” https://@anyadeleeuwphoto,,
Tara Ticehurst “I paint the spectacular scenes of British Columbia, and I do it with emphasis on colour. I steal a bit from The Impressionists (particularly Camille Pissarro) and the group of 7 (particularly Lawren Harris ). I bring it all together using digital painting software. Art meets Technology. I took life drawing classes at Capilano University and learned how to use graphic design software at BCIT. I have mixed the two to create my style of modern landscape art of British Columbia.”  my-art-gallery-tara-ticehurst
Tara Ryan “I’ve been exploring different styles of art recently and wasn’t sure what to do for the Anonymous Art Show. Flipping through the Pique on January 19th, I was reminded (again) that there are many pressing issues affecting our resort. I decided I can’t do my usual “fluffy” art and I pieced this together. I hope it inspires thought, conversation and action. If you have seen my work before, you may notice that some of my signature style is still present. My light still shines through and I hope the same for our beloved Whistler.” @taracrylics,,
Theresa LeRose Shhh… it is a secret.
Theresa Yu “Make art that makes you happy.” @local_.t
Tracy Kaizer Born in Saskatchewan, Tracy has been creating art since childhood. Trained formally at Hughes Fine Art, is where her journey with watercolours began. After a long hiatus, she has picked up the brush again, inspired by the natural world’s colourful tapestry. She enjoys exploring other mediums as well. Tracy resides in Whistler with her husband. When she’s not creating, you can find her on her bike.
Vicki Lynn Barrett “I was born in 1982 in Vancouver, BC, Canada and currently reside and work in my home-based studio in Furry Creek, BC.

My body of work honours and embraces the light and the shadow, and en masse is a captivating visual journal of my life and experiences.

‘Employing intuition as a guide and raw emotion as fuel, I give all of myself to my Art. I engage with each piece, as if in a dance. Allowing the painting to lead me, I aim to reveal its unique energy, its voice and the story it has to tell.'” @pacificspiritfineart,,

Wendy Hargreaves “The process of making art is my favourite form of meditation.  I am inspired by the beauty in the world and people who follow their dreams.”
Yanick “I am French Canadian from Quebec live 32 year. I paint. Carve. Pyrography art. I am 49 and been drawing all my life. Raised on a milk farm, been a chef, now i am carpenter. I do a lot wood work, special stuff that nobody does. I love my art.”
Yolanda Cheung Yolanda Cheung was born in Hong Kong and studied 3D Design at De Montfort University in the UK. After university, she immigrated to Canada to join her family, where she worked for many years as an interior designer.

Yolanda also developed an interest in a variety of paper-cutting and paper-folding techniques. Her passion for design can be found in the way she combines a variety of colours and textures into her artwork. She currently resides in the Lower Mainland.