Anonymous Art Show Artists 2024




Meet the artists who contributed to this year’s Anonymous Art Show

Arts Whistler is especially grateful to all the artists and creatives who donated their talents. We’re excited to see so many people creating art, especially art that helps us create more art! Their generous participation will help Arts Whistler offer diverse, accessible community programs and new equipment for the theatre.

Scroll down to learn more about each artist.

(If you’re looking for your favourite artist, they are listed alphabetically by first name:

Abbie Finestone I have been making and creating things since I was little, from sewing and textiles to illustration and photography. I have a background in Art and Design as well as many years running a small textile printing business. Food photography is my latest passion but I still dabble in textile design with nature being my biggest influence. I love the mountains and spending time wandering the quiet forest trails of my home here in Whistler.
IG @lifesewsimple
Adela Beranek Adela Beranek is interested in discovering the connections of humans and nature to the lands now called British Columbia. In her photography she explores these moments of stillness and oneness as found in “B.C.” settings, framing them with an open–hearted perspective.
Aga Iwanicka I’m a local skier and photographer, originally from Poland, living in Whistler, BC, since 2018.
IG @agaiwanicka
Ako Yamanouchi Hello, I’m an anonymous artist.Thank you for finding me.Have fun!
IG @12akanekaoru21
Alli van Gruen Alli van Gruen is a contemporary Canadian painter of animal portraits and autobiographical figurative work. Alli divides her time between her successful pet commission business and her figurative work, which touches on the significance of family and the memories that are triggered when we step back in time.

Alli lives in Whistler, BC with her family and her dog Bea. Her days are filled with spending time with family and friends, exploring the outdoors and looking for creative inspiration. Her work can be found in Whistler and many private collections in Canada, Europe and New Zealand.
IG @allivangruenart

Andrea Morton I love to capture the feeling of a place in my paintings and photos. I want to tell a simple story of the moment. 
andrew mcaloon Andrew McAloon’s remarkable journey from professional skier to accomplished artist and passionate advocate for emerging talent in Vancouver, BC, is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the arts. Born with an innate sense of adventure and a deep appreciation for the outdoors, Andrew initially gained recognition as a professional skier, conquering some of the world’s most challenging slopes. Yet, his artistic spirit eventually led him down a different path. Guided by a profound desire to express his creativity and explore the profound connections between nature and art, he transitioned into the world of art.
IG @mcaloon.andrew
Anette Effe Anonymous 
Angela Muellers Angela’s Grandfather introduced her to oil painting as a child which influenced and inspired her. After completing four years in an abstract-based school, she returned to realism and has attended three private schools full-time for over a decade. Painting natural forms and the effects of light, while observing compositional elements are what excites her passion for painting. Landscape and Portraiture are Angela’s primary focus. Angela has taught the French Academic Program part-time for seven years. Angela has spent years climbing, hiking, and skiing in wild places.

IG @angelamuellers
FB @angelamuellersseatoskyartist

Angela Van Cooten I spend my days mostly outdoors, but when I’m inside I’m creating, whether that is a painting or something else. Painting is a fun challenge for me, as it’s something I don’t naturally gravitate towards. This piece was a fun challenge and I hope it brightens your day.
IG @skatingsilver.jpeg
Angela Dallago Angela Dallago is a self-taught artist living in Whistler, British Columbia. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking – forests, mountains and ocean.  She paints the local landscapes that inspire her, using oil on canvas.
IG @angeladallago_artist
FB @artistangeladallago
Anik Rankin As a girl who grew up in Whistler, the majority of my inspiration comes from the environment that surrounds me. Many of my artworks combine 2D and 3D elements. These additions create a more impactful and understanding experience for viewers. I find that using texture allows me to express and make connections with the nature that inspired me.
IG @anikrankin
Anna Paul Just learning!  Having a blast expressing my inner self!
Annabelle Gunner I never turn down a reason to drink wine and paint!! I work the Buying Night and love seeing all the different talents we have in our community.
Annie  Mah I am an amateur artist hailing from British Columbia. After a successful career in finance, I decided to retire a year ago to pursue my true passions: art and golf. I primarily work with acrylics and ink on canvas, creating captivating pieces that showcase my diverse range of subjects. From athletes in action to breathtaking landscapes, my art captures the essence and beauty of the world around me. I endeavour to bring life and vibrancy to my creations.  I am excited to embark on this new chapter in my life, sharing my unique perspective and artistic expression with the world.
Aoife Mc Garry Getting into the creative spirit from time to time.
Arne Gutmann Arne is a young, vibrant, up-and-coming photographer and mixed media artist. Graduating from a prestigious art school in a far-off exotic country where people had nice clothes and free medical care……Hahahaha.
Arne likes photography and art stuff. He also likes art shows and people who like art! Yeah, art.Words by the guy that is pretending to be the artist but really is.
IG @thatguyarne
FB @Arne Gutmann
Ashley Westerager Ashley is a multidisciplinary artist with a deep passion for the natural world. Drawing inspiration from the grace and flow of life, she endeavours to capture and express the moments that move her. To create intricate and immersive worlds that transcend, infused with movement and emotion. Using colour and form, she is constantly evolving and exploring new mediums and forms of expression around the balance and tension of the profoundly felt and the delicate simplicity of life.
IG @ashleywesterager
FB @ashley.westerager
Asma  Burney I live and practice my art in Surrey BC.  My art is influenced by nature, environment, travels and events happening around me or anywhere in the world.  I do a lot of abstract and semi-abstract work in acrylics and mixed media and I also like working in watercolours. I enjoy participating in art shows and it gives me pleasure when people find my art interesting.
IG @asmaburney
Audrey Lundie    

I’m thankful to call Whistler my home and be part of the creative community here. I enjoy the inspiration of observing and painting the changing seasons in watercolour. The colours in nature—water, mountains, trees and snow—inspire me. Painting has given me the gift of truly observing my surroundings.

Bailey Shandro Art is not a medium, but a way of life. I believe art, like life, is meant to be imperfect, and learning to love those imperfections is what allows us to be grateful for the present moment. Change is the only constant in this life. I want to create art to express the ways in which the fleeting essence of life shapes us. My hope is that creating art can help others reflect on the ways in which life has shaped them.
 IG @shandrostudios
barb radlgruber Experimenting with mixed media over the last few years has brought me joy and now perhaps to you too.
Barbara Instance Whistler local resident for 43 years. Join a group of ladies once a week to paint and socialize.
Barnaby Rose I have been creating art in this medium on and off for 12 years. I enjoy the style and therapeutic nature of it, and will often envision the subject of my pieces in this way when I see them.
Bea Searle Whistler-based Bea Searle paints in acrylics. Inspiration is from daily sights of the local mountain environment as well as travel; and her work features impressions of landscape, water and animals. 
IG @beasearlepaintings
Ben Keating Have you ever, felt? Because I have.

IG @soulclub_whistler

Beth True The artist behind Staying Wild Art, Beth True, relocated from the UK to Whistler in 2022 with a dream of exploring the Canadian wilderness. Staying Wild Art is the product of Beth’s main loves in life – nature and creativity – both of which she relies on to find a sense of calm in a world that so often feels chaotic. Through intricately detailed paintings, Staying Wild Art seeks to highlight the importance of connecting with nature and protecting the incredible diversity of flora and fauna that resides within it.
IG @stayingwildart
Bhavna Verma I’m a self-taught artist who loves to mix colors and themes, blending modern and medieval vibes. My art is a playful experiment, where I combine different elements on the canvas. I’m all about using vibrant colors and pushing the limits of what art can be. Each painting tells a story, merging the old and the new. Join me on this creative journey where I break the rules and make something uniquely expressive.
IG @bhavnadverma
Borgi Rayen I’m a jewelry artist trying my hand in a different medium.
Bridget  Duckworth Bridget enjoys painting with a group of like-minded friends with a glass of wine.
Brigitte Loranger Brigitte has dabbled in watercolour painting for several decades. As an Architect, Brigitte is strongly inspired by cityscapes and buildings, but also loves to try to capture the beauty of the natural landscape around Whistler.
 IG @brigitte.watercolour
Bryony Dique Bryony Dique is a self-taught artist who moved to Whistler from the UK in 2019 and launched Proper Artsy in 2021. She mostly paints in a unique realism-meets-surrealism style using gouache and acrylic. Bryony’s main passion is painting animals, and she is currently working on several collections which include paintings of animals found locally in BC.

IG @properartsy

Camila Pabon Exploring the vast potential of a blank canvas, I merge my architectural roots with a newfound appreciation for multicultural influences in my art. The vibrant hues of my hometown inspire me to create intricate, three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional plane. Deconstructing the figurative into a lattice of colour and shape, I play with transparency, volume, and hierarchy to evoke movement and depth in my compositions. Each layer tells a story, inviting viewers to interpret and reimagine the essence of my art. Through this process, I capture the essence of three-dimensional figures in a two-dimensional world, sparking endless possibilities for reinterpretation.
IG @kmil_artwork
Camila Castellon Hobby artist expressing current world issues through paint and resin.
IG @the.westcoast.artist
Candace Espeseth Candace grew up dreaming of snow-capped mountain adventures, and in 2013 was fortunate to trade in her career in advertising in Vancouver for the big dream of living and playing in Whistler.  When the mountains aren’t calling too loudly, Candace likes to pursue her passion for painting, taking inspiration from Whistler’s breathtaking natural surroundings.  She paints with acrylics, using bright colours and bold brushstrokes to capture a variety of subjects. Candace has taken many workshops and painting classes over the years, most recently with local artists in Whistler and Pemberton.
Carolyn Douglas Carolyn began painting on canvas with acrylics during COVID. She typically paints with a palette knife and loves texturizing and layering in abstract paintings. When not painting her other passions include interior design, photography and real estate. 
cartney warren My artwork is an expression of the images and inspirations that float throughout my mind. I believe much of the beauty of our universe cannot be translated through language. Acrylic and oil paints are my medium of choice to manifest and document the world I see and feel around me.
IG @collection_of_cartney
Catherine Adamson I enjoy the beauty found in the chaos of nature. Tangled branches, tussled grasses, wildflowers growing uncultivated in reckless abandon. I paint with glee, throwing paint about and not caring about the mess – this is where I find joy. Each piece is an experiment in colour combinations, mark-making,  building depth with texture and layers. I use a latex-acrylic paint, which gives me the freedom to extend the threads of paint that flow down from a stick and onto a prone canvas. Each canvas creates music for my soul.
IG @CatherineAdamson
Catherine M Ivany Alpine glow is one of my favorite times of the day. 
Cathy Jewett My piece was inspired by a painting a friend of mine has.  The light on the horizon could be at the beginning or the end of the day.  Something is beginning or ending….
char Rosa I have loved dabbling in painting for many years. For the past while I have enjoyed using acrylics.
FB @Charmaine.Gilhooly.Rosa
Charlotte Webber From an early age, Charlotte has had a passion for all things creative and explored many arts and crafting techniques over the years. After studying textiles print design at Brighton University, Charlotte developed a strong interest in bold graphic image, repeat pattern and shape work achieved by hand rather than by use of a computer. Hand-cut stencils are an integral part of Charlotte’s technique, and her inspirations include Japanese screen printing, natural patterns, and artists such as William Morris. 

IG @charlottewebberart

Charmaine  Carpenter Charmaine is not an artist but she tries to be creative and make people laugh with her creations.
IG @champagne_charmaine
Chase Baines Make the best of it!
Chloe Larson Chloe grew up in northern Alberta, taking in the views of the lodgepole pines and marshes around the area. Since moving to BC, her work mostly features mountainous ranges inspired by the Sea-to-Sky corridor.
IG @chloe.kirstenn
chris bennett Why I like and paint Mountains! Mountains are unimaginably diverse, they connect us as well as divide us. Mountains are sources of inspiration for art, music, stories and writing. Mountains are spiritual both through long tradition and contemporary wonder. We love looking at them. We climb, hike, ride, play or just rest in them in all seasons. I look at their scale to each other, the spaces between them, to understand how line, shape, form and light are used. My paintings aim to capture the magic of the sky and mountains. They are realistic but also impressionistic.

IG @artbycob

Christina Nick Christina Nick, a Canadian visual artist, is renowned for her monumental welded steel sculptures and her multi-media paintings. Her collection of travel sketchbooks, filled with intricate on-site drawings, serves as a wellspring of inspiration. Christina’s art draws from her diverse cultural experiences and extensive travels, infusing influences into her work, and showcasing cultural diversity and interconnectedness. Based in Canada and France, she finds inspiration in the natural beauty around her, forging a deep connection between her art and the environment.
IG @artisticnick
Christine Timm My interest in painting took flight when I was turning seventy and finally had the time and received the much-needed encouragement to pick up a brush or pencil again. Workshops with our newly formed seniors painting group and online lessons have provided guidance. During the past decade, I ventured into projects I would never have imagined possible and continue to enjoy the hours I am now able to spend painting and drawing.
Christine Bilodeau 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Christopher Cowen This is the first piece I’ve ever painted on a canvas. I bought the paints during COVID but never really used them. I decided to set this submission as a goal to motivate my participation in the arts as more than an observer. The painting is a recreation of a photo I took during the slower days of COVID when I seemed to notice the smaller joys in life more often.
IG @mountaincowen
Cindy Melendres My work is inspired mostly by nature, and small moments that grab my attention in my daily life. I love to evoke feelings with my art. Lately, I’m inclined to depict atmospheric scenes that portray ‘awe’, that remind us how small we are as humans. I also enjoy creating whimsical stories involving animals. Painting and illustrating are tools that I embrace to express feelings that I can’t any other way. My objective as an artist is to make you feel something, to remind you that you are alive, even a smile is good enough for me!
IG @cinlmh
Clark Blumberg I am a retired aircraft mechanic and NASA specialist living in Pemberton with my beautiful family. 
Cléa Thomas Originally from France, Cléa Thomas studied Film and Film Animation at Concordia University, the New Zealand Film Academy, and Sydney Film School, before completing her Master’s degree in Geology. She now resides in Pemberton, BC with her partner and 3 children, and creates art, videos, and jewelry using a variety of mixed media, often drawing from the natural beauty that surrounds her and her unique scientific background.Most of her pieces are tactile and vibrant, and she often documents her process through the use of time-lapse photography and stop-motion animation.

IG @clea.thomarts
FB @cleathomarts

Cohen McDonald Freelance Graphic Designer living in Whistler, BC.
IG @cohenmcdonald
Corinne Bolduc Corinne Bolduc was born in Victoria B.C. and is an Ojibwe Cree artist belonging to the Eabametoong First Nations from Ontario Canada.
IG @theivorykrakencompany @realcorrineb
Corinne Boles Featuring the hidden artistic talents of a long-term local canine celebrity. This sweet doggo has been a resident of Whistler WAG for over 5 years and is still looking for her forever family to find her.
The dedicated staff are always looking for creative methods of enrichment – behold the fruits of their labours. The artist used a “lick” of paint and a lot of peanut butter to create this masterpiece.
All profits will go back to supporting the Artist in residence. Thank you to Vanessa for the generous donation of paints and canvases.
IG @corrineboles
FB @corrineboles
Cristin Millman Cristin is a local artist who enjoys creating in different mediums and forms. She paints with acrylics, oils, and watercolors, as well she works in digital favourite. Cristin likes to challenge herself to find a balance between realism and abstract expression in her art. She is especially drawn to animals and people, as she tries to capture their unique expressions.
IG @kendleydesigns
FB @kendleydesigns
Dana Vande In 1994 I left my career as a full-time artist to pursue a different avenue. Now retired I have returned to painting. 
FB: Dana Vande
Darryl Bowie Local, ExCan Guide, RE/MAX, Garage Living, need more time to paint more.
David Petko Dave makes art and has fun. He lives in town. He owns Black Ohm Tattoos. 
IG @davepetko
David Van Dyck I have been painting and drawing for most of my life and I enjoy using liquid/fluid acrylic paints and Posca acrylic pens. Born and raised on the West Coast, I paint marine scenery with an emphasis on old wooden fishing boats.
IG @artbydavidvandyck
FB @artbydavidvandyck
Deb Reynolds Deb Reynolds was born & raised in BC but began painting only after retirement. Explorations in acrylic, watercolor and collage are producing art that celebrates Beautiful British Columbia.
Debra Westdorp I come from a family of artists and designers. I have always had a creative spirit.Originally I studied watercolour painting but then I moved on to acrylics and resin work. I am self-taught in many creative areas such as sewing, designing jewelry, art and more recently soap.I am always learning new techniques in painting, resin work and crafting.I am a current member of many local Art Councils and apply to local and international artist calls.My artwork can be seen in several online galleries.I am excited to share my creative journey with the public.
IG @debrawestdorp | @debwestdorpsart
FB @Designs by Debra Westdorp
Deidre Bjornson I have loved playing with colour and paint all of my life. I am inspired by the wilderness, the seasons and the natural world.
Denny Provost Métis Artist who is also colour-blind. He has been drawing, creating and building from a young age. He went to Windsor University for drawing, painting and sculpture and has participated in local art events and art shows as well as hosting painting classes for all ages. He has a clean, bold and colorful style that encompasses many subjects. He loves art and enjoys sharing it with the community, and hopes to inspire others to do so as well. His recent work has been a journey to find out who he is and how to exist in a modern world.
IG @dabblingwithdenny
FB @dabblingwithdenny
Devorah Ticha I suppose I need to qualify myself. Have a degree from the University of Guelph in Fine Arts and Drama. Worked as a Family Entertainer, Clown, puppet master until my son died. Now I’m, retired, grow organic food and paint.
Dilshad Mithani Kara I am a retired dentist. Several years ago I took up art as stress relief. Now I just paint for fun. Last year my painting was chosen as a banner for the city of Richmond in the arts category. It is still on display till the end of March, should you want to look it up
FB @Mithaniarts
Dione Dolan Dione started sketching as a young child and always had a pencil and paper in hand; finding her muse in the eye of a wild animal. Renowned wildlife artist Robert Bateman encouraged Dione to put a brush to canvas and she has been developing and expanding her skills ever since. Dione chooses oils and occasionally watercolours as her medium and is inspired by wildlife and the outdoors with a particular focus on trees and moss. Dione has AFCA standing with the Federation of Canadian Artists.
FB @DioneArt
Dominique Noreau Creating art is a beautiful way to keep the brain active and healthy.
IG @dom_summer_winters
Don Schwartz Don lives in Whistler with his family.  He is an outdoor enthusiast. His imagination is turned on by hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, and boating – really anything outdoors! Don is often inspired creatively while on the ride!
Dorell Carlson I hope you enjoy this painting! 
Doria Moodie Doria is a Whistler-based artist represented by Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont in Whistler, Banff and Jasper.
IG @doriamoodieartist
FB @doria.moodie
Dylan DeGraff This painting is a copy of our son Kye’s favourite page in his favourite book called Croque-Bisous. The author’s name is Kimiko and I believe he or she also illustrated the book as well.
IG @shinewhistler
Elaine Bird “I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”—Madonna
Emily Rigney BC local, very much inspired by Chili Thom.
IG @empowera
Emina Ida I’m a born and raised Whistlerite but have recently moved to Montreal, QC. I wanted to share my Japanese heritage through this unique medium and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.
IG @emina_id
Emma Doyle Emma is an artist, ceramicist and teacher based in Whistler. Her artwork is full of intricate details, some with subtle textures that give a sense of depth to her works. Often using mixed media such as fine-liner, watercolour and pencils, she is inspired by the natural world and often man-kind’s influence on it.Her Ceramics are both smooth as well as textured, with her signature patterns and a strong colour palette.Emma studied Art in the UK at Wimbledon Art College, Brighton University and a traditional art school in Chelsea before moving to Whistler, where she now calls home.
IG @edoyledesigns
FB @edoyledesigns
Erik Van Meerbergen I enjoy to find humour and creativity in ordinary places. I like to create visual representations of the connections I make in my mind. Really, these pieces are my daydreams.
IG @bigloveevm
FB @erik.meerbergen
Esther Shoop I love working with mixed-media to represent human form, landscapes and abstracts- often the three all together!
Faye Parlow My work is an expression of my evolution as a person and an artist. While I study in one particular medium I am happy delving into a range of media and particularly love finding beauty in the everyday.
Feral Nifty The fine work that you see here is by a painter, sculptor & perruquier this singer & writer, does all she can. Whilst battling her short attention span.
Finesse Constance Finesse Constance, a human.
IG @finesseconstance
Frances Sky As a landscape painter, my colourful compositions invite viewers to immerse themselves in nature’s essence evoking emotions of tranquility. I draw inspiration from the ever-changing natural world, capturing the dynamic interplay of light and atmosphere using my many palette knives to lay down colourful acrylic layers. Through abstraction, I transport viewers to a realm where imagination blurs reality with feelings. Thus, inviting viewers on a journey of exploration, exploring connections beyond the confines of the canvas, and opening their hearts to the infinite possibilities that lay beyond.
IG @francessky_art
Frances Solar I combine traditional textile techniques with unconventional materials to create unique woven copper sculpture, both free-standing and for the wall.
IG @solarcopper
FB @francessolarmetalartist
Gail McKellar We live in such a beautiful part of the world it gives me inspiration every day.
Garnet Millman Born on the West Coast, I’ve grown up with a great love and reverence for the stunning beauty of our nature here.  I have always been an appreciator of art, but have only begun painting in the last few years. I enjoy the challenges and problem-solving involved in each piece I attempt, finding it both relaxing and rewarding, as I develop my skill and style.
IG @G_Rock49
Georgia Crompton I have attended the Anonymous art show many times, but this is the first time I am also participating.I had a lot of fun creating these pieces and I’m excited to be a part of a great event.
Graham Watts Discover the Beauty of Canadian Mountains and Scenic Landscapes through the Artistry of Graham Watts. Explore Contemporary Art Inspired by the Breathtaking Landscapes of Vancouver, Whistler, and the Sea-To-Sky Corridor. Graham’s Hand-Painted Original Oil Paintings, Infused with Vibrant Colours and a Touch of Realism, Offer a Unique Artistic Perspective.
IG @grahamwatts.fineart
Greenwood Devlin I am a Multimedia Photographer who uses AI and watercolours to augment recognizable landscapes. This is a photo of Rainbow Mountain taken in January 2024 and augmented with AI imagery and watercolours.
Greg Thorup I never liked calling myself an artist, but I also never liked broccoli and that’s good for you so….
IG @g_thorup
Hannah McCurley Art is a language which is only spoken and heard through the demonstration or creation of visual, auditory, or performance experiences that express the creator’s imagination, skill, and emotional content, often intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. When both elements are captured it makes a powerful piece. Often is the case in children’s artwork which I came across during my years working with disadvantaged children in Mexico.
FB @hannahmmcurley
Hannah Putnam An art lover from day 1, Hannah has spent her life exploring different mediums and creative techniques. Drawing from the breathtaking beauty of British Columbia and beyond, her works invite viewers to reconnect with the tranquility of nature in an increasingly busy world.
Heather Rivers Westcoast born and raised, I’m a lifelong skier, adventurer and traveller to 6 continents. This is my first entry to Whistler’s Anonymous Art Show but I’ve won a past prize in an anonymous art show.   
Heidi Mattson I am a professional artist, teacher, tattooist and mom to two awesome boys. I have had the privilege of calling Whistler and Pemberton my home off and on since 1995. After receiving my BFA from Emily Carr and my Teaching Certificate from SFU I pursued a career as a high school art teacher. In 2009, after I had my children, I shifted to running my own art business and have never looked back. My artwork is inspired by the incredible natural beauty of the Sea to Sky region.
IG @heiditheartist
FB @h.denessen
Helen Bateman My creativity comes from a young age which led me to study theatre design at Nottingham Trent University. 15 years after finishing my degree, I’m able to follow my dreams of becoming an artist, jewelry designer and a small business owner. 
Helen Webb I’ve been crafting and creating all my life. Exploring different mediums and having fun with it! I studied illustration in college. I tattoo as well. I love the opportunity to express my emotions and passion into each piece I make. It’s my happy place.
IG @helenwebb.illustrations
Helen  Moore Likes to paint for fun.
Hillary MacDonald Small girl living in a big world
IG @hillarybconn
Holly Krombacher  The best things in life. 
Imogen Osborne Imogen always has an idea for the next creative project floating around in her head. She enjoys incorporating mixed media elements into her art pieces and experimenting with different materials and mediums to create texture. Often diving in with a concept, not knowing how the finished product will turn out, no two pieces are ever the same! 
Ingrid Gutzmann The nature of Whistler and the mountains call my heart.  I can endlessly look at the iconic peaks through the seasons and interpret them in many forms in my art.  The minute detail you find in the flowers, rocks, and trees presents beauty to be admired and emulated. 
IG @ingridgutzmann
Iole Di Carlo Been painting and drawing for the first time, for 4 months, and am really enjoying my group and exploring different mediums. Trying to paint at home as well to gain more experience. Would love it if our group met more than once a week.
Irene Whitney I am passionate about the outdoors, among our mountains and along our wild west coasts. 
IG @whitneycrew
Irma Watt Member of Pemberton Seniors “Shade of Grey Artists”, a group meeting weekly to work on their pieces and support each other socially and through individual acrylic painting projects.
ISABELLA SOBRAL Isabella Sobral is an artist and graphic designer who loves to create art using all kinds of paper. Drawing has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember, but she found paper quilling her favourite while trying new techniques.

She is always searching for new ways of building meaningful connections while creating something beautiful and inspiring. She hopes her art brings warmth and joy to your heart the same way it did to hers while she was creating it.
IG @bybellasobral
FB @bybellasobral

It’s 1958 Sira Pocovi is the artist behind It’s 1958. Based in the unceded Sḵwx̱wú7mesh territory, Sira creates digital and acrylic/marker paintings inspired by the mountains and fauna in the Sea to Sky. Let the vibrant coloured backgrounds of her art bring joy to your home!
IG @its_1958
Janice McLean Mclean’s paintings are a reflection of her dedication to the Arts for almost 50 years. Her Art trips to Europe and Australia – for extended lengths of time for up to a year to study the Master’s techniques and Art have been the greatest influence. Blending the rich browns of Holland with the French whites upon the golds and textures of the Old World together on the canvas creates Art pieces that have a translucent glow. Long days over a period of 3-8 weeks are required for each painting to complete.

Join Janice McLean’s inspirational journey around the World.
IG @jmcleangallery
FB @janicemclean

Janna Wilson Vancouver-based poet dabbling in art
IG @jannalwilson
Jashia Shore Jashia is an emerging artist and grade 10 student at Whistler Secondary, who loves art and has been developing her own style of painting over the past few years. Her art appeared in the Teeny Tiny Show in 2023 and she was thrilled to see that the public took interest in her work. Jashia has been taking art classes with Andrea Mueller and plans to continue to pursue her art passions!
IG @jashiashore
Jeffrey Thibeault Just what I do to get through hard times 
Jen Phillips My art debut ‘Sasquatch Abduction’
Jennifer Gibb-Carsley An emerging artist who lives on the North Shore and is starting to craft her skills.  She abstract paints with acrylics and occasionally oils. The themes of peace and transformation are often central to her work. She likes to use abstract shapes to express human emotions and to convey the basic feelings we all universally share. 
Jeremy Dearden  I enjoy taking real-world experiences and applying my take to how the experience felt in visual representations. Visual artist based out of Penticton soaking up the sun and waiting for the next experience to spring to life.
Jeremy Guia Sulit Guia’s art draws inspiration initially from the whimsical worlds of children’s books, where imagination knows no bounds. Merging this with the expression of abstract art, she aims to explore and create colorful landscape paintings.
IG @guiaaaaah
Jessica Anderson My name is Jessica. I love art! I’ve been an artist for most of my life. I have my Bachelor of Fine Arts. Also a diploma in 3D animation. I’m a graphic artist for a living. And when I can I try to do my own art. I enjoy drawing or painting mostly. I was very excited when I saw this post on Facebook and wanted to try to be a part of it 🙂
IG: @jessicakoplaranderson
Jessica Armstrong I’m not an artist but do enjoy having a go at creating something that makes me happy
IG @jessarmstrong1
Jessie Morden I am born and raised in Whistler. I love everything that Whistler has to offer but most importantly, the people.
IG @jessierose4
FB @jessie.r.morden
Jessie Bhander Jessie Bhander, a Thompson Rivers University BFA alum, enjoys the exploration of ambiguous art through the use of acrylics accented with various other mediums. Her art, a harmonious blend of technique and expression, beckons viewers into a world where colors and forms intertwine, creating a unique language that resonates with the soul.
IG @j.bhander
Jocelyn Lu Finding inspiration in the moments around us. 
John Langdon An evolving student of light and shadows. Continuously looking for ways to share the beauty of this world as I see it.
Jonatan Bando My name is Jonatan, and I have lived in Whistler for eight years. I mainly paint with watercolors but use acrylics for larger canvases.I love adding Japanese style to my artwork and painting landscapes, abstract art, and animals.
IG @jaclotworks
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Julie Julien A mixed media artist and a seamstress, most of her adult life, over the years, experimenting with oils, acrylics, watercolor, and putting threads in her paintings.

From an early age, she started sketching and through the years, started experimenting with different art forms like sewing, quilting, knitting, scrapbooking, and thread work, just to name a few.

Moving to BC in her late 30s, the outdoors are a great inspiration for some of her work. Taking a few lessons but mostly self-taught.

Julie Duczynski I am interested in science, cultures and beauty in the world around us. My art explores visual development and illustrations in different mediums, and I hope convey a little whimsy that can be found in all our lives. Originally from Alberta, I’ve enjoyed the transition to the West Coast and all the inspiration in meeting new people and finding new places.
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Julie Hamilton I am a mixed media artist who practices creative play + possibility. I love the endless possibility and sense of freedom that creating art allows. A place where there are no rules – the ultimate form of self-expression.
IG @juliehamiltoncreative
Justine Schlote Justine Schlote didn’t have all that much growing up in Squamish, BC, but she had pencils and paints. The things she creates are predominantly multi-medium abstract. She mixes poetry with watercolour, acrylic dreams, the darkness and a little bit of razzle-dazzle. She loves to scavenge, imagine and create. Her art is a little skewed and a little crooked. Art is something that just flows through Justine, reusing things that aren’t loved anymore. Everything she makes is a little piece of her heart and soul, so find the light in the dark and let it burn.
IG @heartandsoulbyjustineschlote
Justine Nichol Limited edition artwork made possible by the power of pizza.
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Karen Close Circles seem to attract me, they end up in all of my artwork. Circles have many different meanings but the one that resonates the most with me is how it seems that everything in life seems to continuously come full circle, the circle of life, a symbol of infinity, with no beginning or end. 
Karen Yaremkewich Textile Artist, Karen Yaremkewich’s mixed media work includes fabric mosaics, paper collage and assemblage art created from reclaimed materials. Karen’s recent art installations include “Point of View – Altered Photographic Prospectives” at Arts Whistler; “Coastal & Copper” Foyer Gallery Squamish, and was a featured artist in the Diving-In Art Project, she created a 4-foot Raven using 153 pairs of sunglasses recovered from local lake and ocean sites.

Born and raised in Squamish, British Columbia on the beautiful West Coast of Canada, a community surrounded by mountains and the ocean, environmental stewardship is an integral part of her life.
IG @enduredesigns
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Karen Husak I have been painting a long time casually and am now practicing daily. I paint with Golden Fluid Acrylic paint.  
Kassandra Turmel Hi, I’m Kassandra Turmel. I am an artist based in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. I work primarily with ink and other mixed media to create abstract works greatly inspired by the natural world.
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Kate  Mckinlay  Been living in the sea to sky corridor for 10+ years and love every minute of it!
IG @katemckins
KATHLEEN TENNANT Growing up in the lower mainland, I didn’t take any art classes. I thought because I couldn’t draw I was not meant to make art. My artist days started more like crafting and not until my very late 30s. In 2009 I started selling my art on greeting cards and notebooks worldwide as well as several licensing opportunities that allowed my work to reach areas of the world such as Scotland, Dubai, the UK, and the United States. During COVID, I decided to focus on original works that were sustainable and timeless and brought joy to the homes they entered.
IG @kathleentennantart
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Kathleen Tennock I was born in South Africa where I studied Fine Art at the Johannesburg Art Foundation. For the last 25 years, I have been working primarily in clay, using primitive methods of firing like sawdust and Naked Raku. Without using glaze I can maintain the tactile quality of the clay, something that is very important to me because I want my work to invite touch as much as I want it to be visually pleasing. The raw texture of the clay and spontaneous markings created by the smoke give my work a natural and almost stone-like quality.
IG @kathleentennock
Kathryn Troost My name is Katie and I love art and especially love to paint. Painting animals and landscapes are my favorites but I love to paint everything. We live in Nanaimo but we spend a lot of time at Whistler. I love biking, skiing, swimming. In the future, I would love to be a working artist. Hope you love my piece.
IG @kraftie
Kathy Leverton Kathy lives in Pemberton and started painting by taking lessons from Cary Campbell Lopes of Paintertainment. She continues to take lessons and workshops from many local artists. She loves to live and play in the valley.
IG @kathyleverton
Katrina Carriedo Katrina Kae Carriedo (she/her) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts majoring in Media Production from Assumption College, Manila, and has worked in various advertising agencies as a copywriter and all-around creative in both Makati and Davao City. She immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, and completed a two-year Post-Baccalaureate Degree in Hospitality Services Management at Douglas College, New Westminster. She continues painting and sending her works back home for exhibitions during her spare time while working at one of the local resort hotels in Whistler. “Be joyful. Experience ecstacy. Be comforted by your pain. Being an artist is our superpower.”
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Katy Cameron Katy enjoys exploring different media, and in 2023 she rekindled her love of painting. She prefers to draw inspiration from the natural world and enjoys painting landscapes, animals, and portraits.
IG @drifterway
Ken Martin Ken Martin is a Whistler-based artist trying to have fun being creative.
kendall benbow Not an artist but got involved in an après-ski paint session so here I am!
Kevani Kestel Hi, I’m Kevani. I am creative by nature and nature endlessly inspires me to create. Most of my creations to date have been in 3D form – my children, my business, this beautiful life here in the Sea-to-Sky that I am grateful for every day. You are now officially one of the few humans to see my art. Thank you.
IG @thebusinesscreatrix
Kevin Rop Not an artist 🙂
Kierra Welsh A digital artist who is anonymous 🙂
IG @kierraoliveart
Kim Dee Dogs are the best 
Kim Fern Local gal who loves to take photos!
IG @snowflake_145
Kim Hunt Kim enjoys bringing the creative dreams that are cultivated in her mind into reality.
IG @thegoodlifehunter
Kirsten Bennett I am a hobbyist artist who finds peace and joy in painting simple, yet beautiful, scenes of nature. With a focus on capturing the tranquility and serenity of the natural world, my art reflects my love for the simplicity and elegance of the outdoors.
IG @kirstenbennettkb
Kirsten Larsen Kirsten is a multi-disciplinary artist.
IG @theartof_kiki
Kristen Casey Kristen has lived in the Sea-to-Sky corridor all her life and has worked with many different mediums in different disciplines. 
Kyla Reveley My usual medium is florals – it has been great fun experimenting with paints and canvas.
IG @kylamisty
Lacey Jane Wilburn Lacey Jane Wilburn is a contemporary painter most notable for her luminous portraits and interiors that oscillate between realism and gesture. Wilburn studied Fine Art at the Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton in 2009, received her Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Concordia University in Montreal in 2016 after studying abroad at the l’Ecole d’Enseignement Supérieur d’art de Bordeaux in France, and obtained her Master’s of Fine Art from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2022. ​​Now living in Whistler, BC, Wilburn is a sessional instructor at Emily Carr University, and a 2023 Canada Council recipient.
IG @laceyjaneart
Lad Haines I am retired and paint for pleasure. I get great satisfaction from the creative process. Although my reach often exceeds my grasp there is always something learned from the effort.
Laura Genovese Laura Genovese is an artist from the Tri-Cities area, Coquitlam, B.C. Laura is inspired by the Canadian West Coast. Her paintings reflect her love of the outdoors. Pet portraits and landscapes are her specialties! Laura enjoys working with various media—acrylic, watercolour and other natural elements to create landscape, floral and “pet portrait” paintings. Laura exhibits annually with the Port Moody Art Association where she is the Treasurer, 2022-present and Past President 2017-2022.
IG @lauraleegenovese
FB @laura.genovese.121
Laurinda Lee With my brushes I bring colour and light to everyday subjects that surround us all. I paint in a close intimate way that transforms my subject into portraits that are vibrant, calming and evoke the senses. Look and see if you think my art elevates the everyday … you have to find it first.
IG @laurindaleeart
FB @laurindaleeart
Leanne Williams I don’t paint often enough, but everytime I sit down with my paintbrush it brings a lot of joy.
IG @_leanne.w
Lee Erikson Lee Erikson is an emerging artist. She paints with liquid acrylics using bold colour built up in layers. Lee loves to capture beautiful smiles and endearing expressions on pets and children. Colourful skyscapes, treescapes, landscapes and florals also easily find their way into Lee’s paintings. Living on the North Shore provides so many inspiring natural wonders to photograph and paint that most days it’s difficult to choose what to paint next!
IG @leeerikson
Lee Schwartz Lee is a busy Mom of two in Whistler.  She enjoys moving and loves the outdoors.  She is often found in the Emerald Forest with her dog, Zoe. Lee is exploring her creative side, and searches out artistic opportunities for her family.  She loves setting a plethora of art supplies on the kitchen table so her family can create masterpieces!
Leo Kwok As a novice artist, I’m excited to share my evolving portfolio, inviting viewers to join my artistic journey. Through my creations, I aim to evoke emotions, spark conversations and leave a lasting impression on those who engage in my work. 
Lesley  Fireweed Gering Lesley “Fireweed” Gering is an award-winning Emily Carr Alumni who explores the themes of modern technology, ancient mythology & science juxtaposed with the world of Nature.  Her family moved to the Sea-to-Sky in 1987 and thus, Mother Nature has deeply inspired her artwork over the years.  Lesley’s passion for riding motorcycles and travel helped her discover that science, nature and mythology have links – it’s the awareness of this beautiful dynamic that is her motivation.  With each stroke and each layer, she continues to push the boundaries of Humanity, Machine and Mother Nature in all her Art. 
IG @lesleyfireweed
FB @lesley.f.gering
Leslie-Ann Dominy Textile artist from Canada.
IG @dominyla
FB @leslieann.kirijian
Lila Wiseman Try new things, have fun
Lindsay Waite As an artist who studied fine art and photography at OCAD in Toronto, I am passionate about creating through painting and photography. These mediums allow me to express my creativity and explore different concepts and ideas. In 2015, I made the decision to move to Squamish, seeking inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds me. The mountains, forests, and landscapes of Squamish have become a constant source of inspiration for my work. Through my art, I strive to capture the essence of these natural wonders and convey a sense of awe and appreciation for the world around us.
IG @finnadventuredog
Lisa Betts-Bucke I have lived in whistler for the past 11 years. I have recently discovered the joy of painting with friends. This is my first piece of art since being in college.
Liv Durham One minute I was skiing, next I was at a paint night!! 
Liz Peacock With over 20 years experience of working in the arts supporting and promoting artists. Turning the focus inwards, and sharing a love of the beauty that surrounds us.
Lois Blunt Lois has a background in printmaking and textile design. She enjoys creating art that is inspired by the landscape through the use of mark-making, painting and drawing.
IG @loisblunt
Lorine Mason Lorine is interested in many art forms, figurative, realistic, abstract, and printing. Working in any medium that feels right at the time for the subject at hand, graphite, pen, oil, acrylic, cold wax, collage. Knowledge and learning are life-long passions, life drawing, colour theory, and workshops form a solid basis. Also, heavily influenced by all that Mother Nature has to offer, she presents herself to the viewer hoping to touch the soul.
Luciana Alvarez I have been a professional painter since 1991 and reside in North Vancouver. My paintings are my life’s journal, recording moments from my favourite landscapes,  to bustling urban corners, while adding whimsical energy. I feel calm, soothing, playful, happy and positive while using warm colours and playful brush strokes to invite you in and share the experience. 
IG @artlucianagallery
FB @Luciana’s Art
Lucie Vojnarova Wildest Moments is an expression of nature, travel and life itself. My vision is to share the world around me through my art.
IG @_wildest.moments
Lucie Weberova Lucie Weberova is an artist who embodies the true spirit of creativity, innovation, and passion. Through her dedication to perfecting the art of UV painting, she explores the interplay between light and color, creating visually stunning and thought-provoking pieces that captivate her audience. Her work glows under UV and blue light; she paints canvases and creates stunning art pieces on human bodies.
IG @luminous_art_vision
FB @luminousartvision
Lucy Appleby Painting my way through postpartum-ness.
IG @luapples
Lynn Erikson Born and raised BC Wildlife Artist Lynn Erikson has explored the rugged nature and native wildlife of BC and the Alberta Rockies. These experiences have greatly contributed to her vibrant watercolours and bold acrylics. Lynn continues to be inspired by her ongoing love of bears and invites you to embark on a journey into the life of the Grizzly Bear. Lynn has also explored the tropical wildlife from the jungles of Central America. With this new inspiration, she is taking an intimate look at the spectacular bird life there. Lynn is an active member of the Artists for Conservation.
IG @lynnerikson
Maggie Chang This local Vancouver artist draws her inspiration from the different seasons and transforms various colors into a tangible piece of artwork. The goal is to bring joy into any space, one piece at a time.
IG @hoi_yung_creations
Maiko Miyasaka I am a Japanese artist, located in Richmond, BC. I moved to Canada in 2021, then started painting with acrylics. My work experiments with extreme mixtures of vibrant colours, with ambiguous use of shape and space, but with defined lines. My main influences are Paul Cézanne and Henri Matisse. I want to capture small and insignificant moments in my life that have somehow left an impression on me, because I believe those are sometimes the most precious things in life. I aim to portray these moments with a colourful, sentimental perspective via both traditional and modern techniques.
IG @maikomiyasakaart
Marcelle Armatage My studio is located in Whistler, BC. My work develops consciously and unconsciously working with many layers of acrylic paint and mixed mediums. My paintings are a personal interpretation of the landscape of the Sea-to-Sky corridor while maintaining a connection to the original topography. My style is continuously evolving to create vivid and bold geometrical abstracts. I have developed a unique and recognizable style using hard edges and vibrant colours influenced by years of sculptural clay work. I have exhibited my artwork in Paris, Quebec, Ontario, Whistler and Greater Vancouver.
Marco Zunino I love to explore the interplay between time, space, perception and reality through art.
IG @emmzed_
FB @marco.zed.999
Maria Arroyo To me colour is life. To sustain my life I paint. Life indeed is colourful.
IG @mabethdear
FB @mabethdearroyo
Mariann Coulter I wanted to remind everyone to always look up and out into the world, it’s a big and beautiful place! 
Marianne Sullivan A hobby artist inspired by the Sea-to-Sky landscapes.
IG @mariannesulli
Marianne Cankovic Local artist. Lived in Whistler for more than 30 years. First time submitting art. I enjoy having a garden in my home as well as outside in the garden.
Marianne (Manna) Morlin Self-Taught Neurodiverse Life Long Artist
Marie Leduc Started to paint in retirement and enjoy doing acrylics. Have now lived in Whistler for 15 years. Traveling is my second hobby.
Marie Buhler Creative Spirit who loves to draw, paint and try different techniques.
Marika Kovalcikova Marika’s love of art and creation exploded with passion in 2016 when she discovered the artistic medium Paverpol, environmentally-friendly textile hardener. This medium gives her many possibilities to express her creativity through sculptures and other art forms for indoors and outdoors. Marika became a Certified Paverpol Instructor in 2020. She enjoys sharing this art form with her students in workshops. With Paverpol, she can apply her imagination and put her vision in perspective to help others get inspired. Marika is also a textile artist who creates Felting and Nuno felting wearable arts.
FB @marikartsvancouverbc/a>
Marilyn Angell How wild is it to let it be?
IG @marilynangellwith2l
Marine  Pavageau  My name is Marine Pavageau, I’m a cook at Merlins and I like to paint during my free time. I’m originally from France and coming to Whistler was the first time I was able to see wild bears so here is a little snowy bear !
IG @_smth.nice_
marlis steininger if i hafta hafta be indoors, i really hope i’m painting. in fact, i kinda wish i had a clone. one me could paint all day everyday and the other me could soak up trees and mountains and lakes. i do have an evil twin, but that’s a story for any other day.
IG @fineoptimusstein
Marnie Greenwald I am a local artist who brings a unique set of creative insights into my colourful paintings. Since my early days, I’ve enjoyed drawing, creating and design. My mixed media work is abstract and brings colours and vibrancy to the canvas. I apply a range of techniques that provide diversity to my work. Mostly self-taught, my experience is practical, learned through trial and error. I started experimenting with watercolours and acrylic paint on paper and have morphed into working on large canvases. My inspiration comes from everyday life around me. I work primarily in acrylic paint, oil pastels and gold foil in my home studio.
IG @marniegreenwaldart
Maxim Generalov My name is Maxim Generalov, I’m sixteen years old and I’m a painter inspired by the beautiful nature around us. Ever since I could remember, I have found myself surrounded by mountains, always exploring and summiting our beautiful local peaks. In my early childhood, my parents would take me on hikes all over Garibaldi Provincial Park, like the Black Tusk, Castle Towers, and Mount Weart. These early memories greatly inspire me to capture that feeling of adventure and serenity you find when you’re up there. I hope that through my art, I can inspire others to go out and explore!
IG @maximgenart
Meenal Kulkarni An IT consultant by profession and a self-taught artist,  inspired by Indian and European artwork. Her artwork focuses primarily on landscapes, architecture and cultural artifacts both in acrylic and watercolor.
IG @loveforart_km
Meg Browning My name is Meg Browning, born and raised in New Zealand and I currently live and create in Whistler B.C
I’m a self-taught artist and work mainly with mixed media and resin. The Sea-to-Sky corridor’s colours and lifestyle are my inspiration.
Melisse Carron Mélisse Carron is a French artist freshly installed in Whistler, making illustrations on request, hand-crafted screen printing on paper and textiles, clothing upcycling and many things around recovered items.
Michaela Ivancova Michaela is a passionate artist who finds inspiration in nature and personal experiences. Her past experiences and opportunities guided her in this direction, allowing her art to tell her story. Michaela has a Master’s degree in Art Education from the  University Of Presov in Slovakia. She has recently received her Art teaching certificate here in BC. Coming to Whistler in 2017 opened many possibilities for her artistic visions. Mountains and animals became her new inspirations which she depicts in various media.
IG @michaelaivancovaart
FB @michaelaivancovaart
Michelle Headley Painting as a way to notice and honour the beauty in the world.
IG @wrenandwonder
Mimi Morrissey Mimi Morrissey is a Whistler-based mixed media artist, printmaker, designer and crafter. Her formal training in Studio Art with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Printmaking and Art History was completed at the University of British Columbia in 2008. A certified Yoga instructor, she has also traveled widely, teaching different disciples of yoga in Costa Rica, Bodhgaya, India, and throughout North America. One of her pieces was made in collaboration with her daughter, Ula, who is also a mixed media artist, skier and gymnast.
IG @into_the_mystical
Miranda Mantle Miranda Mantle is a graphic designer, artist, and photographer living in Squamish, BC. She has been working full-time as a designer and marketing expert for the past 15+ years. When she is not creating logos and marketing campaigns for small businesses, you can find her with a paintbrush or a camera in her hand. She has always had a love for art from the Impressionist era. She aspires to breathe new life into some of these more unknown works from the past.
IG @mirandamcreative
Murray Lowe There are moments when a simple smile becomes a necessity. Lately, my thoughts have been occupied by a special place in Pemberton. A maze of sunflowers awaits us this summer. Painting this brought me there this winter and made me happy. I hope this little painting can take you to a happy place as well.


Nancy Backer I paint to paint, to relax.
Naomi Pitt Art is subjective.

Naomi is a Whistler local!
IG @naopitt22

Nat Tuke Nat Tuke is an artist and graphic designer living in Squamish, BC. Her art is heavily inspired by those ‘This is it’ moments – that perfect wave; the fleeting alpine glow; a setting sun glittering on a glassy ocean. Her flowy, vibrant paintings celebrate the beauty and purity of the natural world as a great gift that has been given to us, one which we must protect and cherish.
Natasha  Plumridge  To make living ART, that is the goal.

-Henry Miller
IG @artbynatashalouise

Nathalie Davidson Nathalie was born in Vancouver in 1973 to an artistic mother, and as a child she had her first mother & daughter art exhibit in West Vancouver. Nathalie’s love of the arts continued to grow through her elementary, secondary and post-secondary education. In 1995, Nathalie graduated with honours from Malaspina University-College with a diploma in Applied Arts — Graphics Option. This led to a very successful and award-winning career as a graphic designer spanning almost 20 years. Having since retired from the graphics industry, Nathalie now enjoys further exploring her love of both visual and textile arts.
IG @spiritedsnaps
Nathania Brooke Whistler kiwi who loves nature, colour and being creative.
Nick Surowy Always celebrating the good life.
IG @nicksurowy
Nicola Valentine Since living in Whistler, my subject matter has changed. I used to paint what was inside. Now I paint what is around me, landscapes and living things that fill me with wonder.
IG @nicpic
Nicola Church Anonymous
Nina Moore Nina Moore paints at the cottage kitchen table with tea she is forever accidentally dipping her brush into, and eventually paints a little on every item of clothing she owns. She paints with acrylics, and the paint doesn’t come out…she’s promised herself to start wearing an apron one of these days! She creates art out of curiosity and necessity, to invite people to feel the magic of nature and to feel uplifted.
IG @MakesMoore
Nina Duval Nina Duval takes inspiration from popular culture while incorporating a touch of her Greek heritage in the form of the traditional “evil eye” you will find hidden in much of her work. An accomplished hair stylist, Nina enjoys the challenge of annually painting for this Arts Whistler event.  
Nola Cooper Scraps—a piece put together with multiple drawings.
IG @nola.cooper
Oksana Danylchenko Step into the world of SunFern Design, where we blend traditional art with digital innovations. With advanced technology, we give original pictures a fresh perspective, infusing them with brightness and joy. Explore our transformative art—a beautiful blend of tradition and innovation, envisioned with love, passion and creativity.
Olivier Roy Olivier moved from Montreal to Whistler after getting a degree in fine art. Since then he has been pursuing the dual life of professional snowboarder and artist.

From finely crafted realistic figures to colourful and gestural abstract landscapes inspired by the dramatic West Coast scenery, Olivier enjoys using a great range of subject matter and painting techniques. He is influenced by H.R. Giger, Frazetta, Klimt, Mucha as well as graphic novels and fellow Whistler artists.

Currently, Olivier spends his time between Montreal and Whistler working as a set painter on major Hollywood productions, freelance artist and coaching snowboarding.
IG @olivierartnsnow
FB @Olivier Roy Art

Olivier  Salvas The collections and projects I create are based on the principles of a/r/tography.  When I plan a project, I think about topics that interest me, most of the time under the theme of identity and the environment. I choose abstract to paint because for me, the abstract is connected to emotions and it allows us to better understand the story, a bit like watching a play. The names of the paintings are also chosen to contribute to the narrative framework.
IG @olivier.salvas
FB @OlivierSalvasArtiste
Patricia Aroca-Ouellette Shapes, indigenous ways of knowing, life connections speak to me. Art with practical purpose is what drives my pleasure to create. Enjoy this hotplate/art of life’s tiny but essential connections. 
Patricia Garrow The wisdom of fairytales is timeless.
Paula Murphy Painting is my retirement project. It is great fun to explore and dabble in different media. Maybe not all steps move forward but that’s okay. It’s the journey that counts. 
Paulo OConnor A keen observer of human relationships with design, Vancouver’s Paulo OConnor began graphic arts in 2015. His attraction to architecture as placemaking sparked in childhood in canyons of NYC and exploded during university in Japan. Noted themes of layered communication and balanced detail emerge from his uncommon treatment of colour and typography cross-media in illustration, photography, paint, sculpture. Describing his works as compassionate expressions of life’s peripheries, Paulo credits his aesthetic to years connecting people with wilderness as an adventure guide and a beloved grandfather’s lessons on conscious living. In art and life he chooses facing fears and arriving somewhere unexpected.
IG @mnemonicdesignlabs
FB @paulo.oconnor
Phillip Nicoll Digital artist. Grown up in whistler.
IG @alifetofill
Pri Saboia Since I was a little girl I had 3 of my greatest passions figured out (drawing, travelling and nature), not necessarily in that order. Drawing is the way I found to document my journey (88 countries so far). My designs are a reflection of my love for nature and time spent outdoors. I believe that nature is an infinite source of ideas and I often say that Mother Nature is my Guru.
Rachel Curtis Rachel Curtis is an artist living in Whistler. She works with acrylic on canvas, comes from a family of artisans in New Zealand and is mainly self-taught. She started painting in 2004 with some community art classes while raising 2 small children and enjoyed many sessions with friends around a dining room table over the last 20 years. She takes her inspiration from the beautiful nature around her whether that’s in the forest, on the mountains, or in the ocean.
Rebecca Smykala Just a small town girl, living in a sluggy world.
IG @beckysmykala
FB @beckysmykala
Rebecca Mackay Anonymous 
Rebecca Simon  Art is from the heart.
Rob LeBlanc I am a Whistler-based artist using repurposed materials from the construction industry and emotionally significant wood from my clients to create fine wood art that speaks to the beauty and whimsy of the Whistler landscape. My vision is to use reclaimed local, exotic, and meaningful wood to create intricate and unique shapes that illustrate the beauty of natural materials and the precision of fine joinery. Making art that incorporates pieces from a person’s past is very satisfying, and allows a connection to the present that will endure into the future. Let’s make something beautiful and memorable together!
IG @robswoodart
FB @robswoodart
Robin Mann  Snow, sunshine and fun. 
Robyn Green Celebrating winter gear and the love for the season.
IG @robyn_gre
Ron Denessen I explore my emotional attraction to the natural landscape through minimal form and colour.
IG @rondenessen
Ruth Barrow Ruth is a graphic designer, artist and artisan living in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor since 2007. From an early age Ruth has had an interest and passion for art and design, she is inspired by the beauty in her local surroundings and spends her free time drawing and painting, experimenting with different mediums.
IG @ruthbarrowart
Ruth Hartnup I am an amateur painter, basically making it up as I go along.
IG @vandaffodil
Sam Kaplan Sam (they/them) is a queer non-binary artist, who is an uninvited settler on the unceded homelands of the xwməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Peoples.

As a city-dweller (they/them) is drawn to painting moments of nature, quiet, and
 possibilities of solitude. The old log cabin by some lake and wintery hikes through the snow. Sam is a long-ago art school drop-out and mess-maker, who loves the interweaves of paint, ink, embroidery, weaving, and clay. Outside of art-making, they are a lover of growing foods, hiking,  camping, and animals.
IG @thread.and.fern

Sam Surowy Celebrate the love of seasons and every day being the best day ever!
Samantha Duffus Represents a bit of clarity and a breath of fresh air when walking your own path.
IG @samxbeast21
Samina Abid Art, to me, is my intimate intuitive connection to my own aliveness.
IG @ownaliveness
Sandra Shepherd Back in 2014 I embraced the inner calling and took my first babysteps toward painting. My Self-discovery journey started out by using oils but soon I switched to acrylics. My intuition has played a big part in what and how I paint. I have been challenged to lean into this inner guidance and trust the process even more.
IG @shepherd_studios
Sandra Bunting I was born and raised on Vancouver Island where I owned a landscape and design company. I have taken my creative desires into my semi-retired life now living in the Sea-to-Sky corridor and expressing it through the medium of watercolor painting. My passion is painting dogs and plants, and I love detail! I am learning how to let go and let the water and paint lead me:)
IG @watercolorartbySandraBunting
Sandra Battle As an art lover forever I took up painting 5 years ago. I am drawn to interesting light and nature. My goals when painting are to capture the beauty and to promote preservation!  
Sanja Kamenjasevic Drawing inspiration from my life and darkest dreams I work toward adding colour. I aim to create meaningful and authentic art through inspiration some might deem as incurious, nurturing that motivation and passion for painting, continuing to drive my creativity and artistic journey. I look for the beauty in “common” articles bringing a new meaning. I enjoy the process and expression that words cannot often convey.
IG @49ave_art
Sarah Afskoven Sarah Afskoven is a professional fine art painter based out of Squamish, BC. Her passion in painting is capturing poignancy – those moments where the scene captures you with meaning. Working largely in acrylic on canvas, she plays with figures, landscapes, and texture in her work.
IG @sarahafskovenart
FB @sarahafskovenart
Saskia Klapproth This is my first displayed art piece. I’m no painter, but really enjoyed creating something from scratch with different mediums that I had at home already. I was full of ideas on what I wanted my canvas to be, but eventually almost all sections came together at once without me even thinking about it. A magic moment – almost like the one my piece is about.
IG @sassy2301
Scott LeBoldus Always pushing to evoke emotion, memories, or movement through my pieces. Locally inspired by my environment and try to bring this forward in my art. Enjoy.
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Sharon Audley Enjoying creativity in the mountains.
Sherry Klassen I love Whistler and all the nature that surrounds it. I feel very fortunate that I can create paintings inspired by this fantastic place I’m lucky enough to call home. My hope is that some of the joy I feel when I capture these moments will be shared with others when they see my art.
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shunsei takato super yabai thank you
IG @shunsei0523
Sol Perea A while ago I felt empty, alone and lost, I came to Whistler to heal and rediscover myself and I fell in love with Whistler, I did new things like Snowboarding and painting, I learned a lot about myself by facing these challenges and now I am a better person than I was a year ago.
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Solomon Denessen Acrylic painting on canvas.

 I wanted to create a dreamy romantic image with a mostly pink and purple color palate depicting a hand holding a pink orchid.
IG @soly_denessen

Sophie Landreville-Poirier Recently transplanted from Quebec to Whistler, I like to experiment with different mediums and get inspired by the beauty of my surroundings. As I navigate my new chapter in this mountain haven, I aspire to ignite a passion for exploration in others, wherever their paths may lead.
Spencer Wight New to creating art and working with acrylics I have always been creative and like to explore that. This piece evolved as I was making it and a recent trip to Asia inspired the main theme. Smoking Blossoms can symbolize many current world topics so I’ll let you decide how to interpret it.

I had fun making it! Enjoy.
IG @spencer_wight

Stacey Bodnaruk Stacey Bodnaruk is a Whistler-based artist and photographer.  Stacey creates unique and meaningful artwork that inspires and evokes emotion. Her fine art photography pieces expertly blend multiple layers of original photos, which are harmoniously intertwined to create a dream-like story. Stacey draws inspiration from the mountains and ocean off the West Coast. Her approach, which she terms ‘artography’, layers and fuses anywhere from 3-10 photos, that are blended to create a vibrant, one-of-a-kind artwork that would never be achieved from one photo alone. Her work is equally abstract and a realistic portrayal of the natural world around us.
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Steffi Lai As a graphic designer and artist, Steffi finds painting to be a very nice break from the computer screen, and an opportunity to create something more hands-on (as opposed to a keyboard or iPad), to diversify her freelance work. When she isn’t designing or creating art, she tries to wind down with tea and catch up on sleep, do crafts with friends, climb, ski, and eat a lot of snacks.  She is humbled and grateful to be able to live and work in Squamish, BC, which is located within the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw traditional territories.
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Stella Schwartz Stella Schwartz resides in Whistler with her family.  She loves the colours of nature around Whistler, but she is truly inspired by a fresh palette, like a new box of crayons!

Stella has sold pieces in the Anonymous Art Show and Teeny Tiny Art Show in Whistler and the Show Us Your Art Show on Granville Island.

Stella loves art and experiments with many mediums including tempera, watercolours, acrylic, encaustic and most recently pencils.

Stephanie Lowe In my artistic creations, whether in the realm of 2D or 3D, I delve into the concept of wit and cleverness over notions of raw power and brute strength. Frequently featuring Foxes or Jesters as central figures, my work prompts contemplation on the efficacy of these characters as reflective symbols. It encourages us to ponder the potency inherent in wit and humour. How frequently do these metaphors transform our fears, vanities, and flaws into the subject of jests or even more audacious behaviors, all while avoiding our ire or repulsion?
IG @stephanielowestudios
Stephen Gordon Started photography at age 6. Have worked all over the world as a photographer and commercial film director/cameraman. Now I am retired and spending most of my time enjoying Squamish and Whistler.
IG @stevegordon563
Stephen Baumberg Shhh – It’s a secret.
Susan Moore I have always had a love of art and creating, but unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity or the time for art because I was an orphan and was living on my own as a teenager.  However, I was always being led back to art. I even won a scholarship to Emily Carr, but I couldn’t attend because I had to go to work right after school to support myself.

I am so grateful because I now have a life where I can afford to spend time on my passion and create art. Thank you.

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Susanne Cipolla Susie Cipolla is a Senior Signature Member of The Federation of Canadian Artists. She lives and works in Pemberton, BC and paints primarily West Coast wildlife and landscape scenes. She is represented by Galleries in BC, Alberta and Quebec.
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Suzy Nelson I’ve been coming to Whistler for over 50 years and love this place! I’ve dabbled in art on and off throughout my life. Colours are my passion…And am inspired by the Group of 7, specifically Tom Thomson.
Tanya De Leeuw A passionate pet, nature, wildlife, and outdoor sports photographer who is a new dabbler in “art” photography!
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Tara Ryan Originally from Ontario, Tara has been living in Whistler since 2003. Working mainly with acrylics on canvas, her inspirations include the beautiful scenery around Whistler as well as various places she has vacationed or hiked to. Vibrant, unblended colours with bold outlines are her signature.
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Tara  Hare “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

Andy Warhol

Tash Morley Alone in Canada finding my way!
IG @melonchollia
Terry Connelly The passion I bring to my work is to create stories with a purpose that spark emotions and conversation greater than my own.  My life experiences influence my work with my connections to people, animals and nature.

Emerging Canadian Artist utilizing acrylic, mixed media and watercolour, with bold brush strokes to create stories.

My work is in the Keith Jack Studio and Gallery, North Vancouver, BC,
 You are Here Calendar 2024, North Van Arts Council and Silk Purse Gallery, West Van Arts Council. Painting is my solitude; my white space to reflect and appreciate all that is great. Cheers!
FB @terri connelly

Theresa Columbus Theresa Columbus was born, raised and still resides in the Sea-to-Sky. She is self-taught and has painted for her entire life.

Her style is predominately semi-abstract impressionistic with a dash of surrealism; working primarily with acrylic paints, she creates art almost entirely from her heart. She chooses bold colour combinations with gestural brush strokes to support conveying emotion. Theresa has participated in several Art Battle competitions and in June 2022, went on to the British Columbia finals. She’s also visible in her community through her charitable donations and participation in various art exhibitions within Squamish and Vancouver.
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Theresa Yu Inspired by things that make me happy.
IG @Local_.t
Tracy Kaizer Born in Saskatchewan, Tracy has been creating art since childhood. Her journey with watercolours began through her formal training at Hughes Fine Art. After a long hiatus, she has picked up the brush again, inspired by the natural world’s colourful tapestry. She enjoys exploring other mediums such as pen and ink. Tracy resides in Whistler with her husband. When she’s not creating, you can find her on her ebike.
Vanessa Whitehead I live in Whistler and love spending time with the natural surroundings. Although art is not my full-time hobby, I am happiest when I’m creating!
Vera Paul The inspiration to finally settle on a medium came to me while watching one particular portrait artist on YouTube. I fell in love with colored pencils and from there have developed an art form that I love doing.
Wendy Hargreaves  Drawing with oil pastels feels like colouring when I was a kid and allows me to relax while I create.  When working on an image that represents our beautiful, natural surroundings my mind wanders and memories of camping and extraordinary hikes fill my soul.
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Yumi Wakui See the world from my point of view.