How to use the Culture Maps

We’ve divided our cultural maps into four sections – Village, Valley, Sea to Sky, and the Cultural Connector.

Using Filters and Search

The maps have filters that you can click on and off as well as a search function at the top if you’re looking for something specific. For example, if you’d like to find places that focus on First Nations art in Whistler then click on that filter and the map will automatically populate the public art, venues, and galleries that have First Nations art on display.

Navigating with the Maps

We use Google Maps so that you can easily navigate from where you are to your point of interest – note that if you’re looking for directions then you’ll need to open the Google Map app separately.

Printed Maps

If you’d like a hardcopy to help you navigate on your travels, then get yourself a printed version by coming in to see us at the Maury Young Arts Centre.


We’ll be adding to these as constantly, and if you have feedback for us on these maps then shoot us a message.