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Sadly artist Chili Thom passed away November 30, 2016. We invite you to explore his work


Your experience in nature depends on how you choose to position yourself within it. My art transports the viewer to remote natural landscapes and acts not only as a form of escapism, but also as a tool top deepen their appreciation for the natural world in which we are all inextricably connected.

My process is about discovering and creating layers of patterns that combine together to create a colourful vibrating 3D landscape, similar to the contour lines on a map.  This technique allows the eye to blend all of the components in a progression of colour and form that make sense only when viewed as a whole.  I attempt to covey a feeling of complex simplicity on my canvases, which speak of the importance of cooperation between all the individual components, analogous to how all individuals on the planet must work together with nature to in order to achieve a harmonious result.


Being born and raised in British Columbia has offered me an interesting and inspiring life hiking and exploring the vast and beautiful wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. As a small child I developed a keen interest in the outdoors as well as in the arts. At the age of nineteen I studied very briefly at the University of British Columbia in Fine Arts but, not finding the guidance I was looking for, I decided to return to the wilderness on a journey of self discovery and also began exploring acrylic paints. The primary inspiration for my work has always been the natural world and the amazing landscapes of B.C. Traveling this incredible province during my 6 years as a wilderness guide as well as a lifetime of personal trips have left lasting visions in my mind which long to find their way onto a canas. From the rugged West Coast of Vancouver Island and the high summits in the B.C. Coastal Range to the surf beaches of Central America the outdoors continuously inspire me.

Working primarily in acrylics I translate my visions and experiences onto the canvas in a unique style which captures the complexity of the scene in a simple and vibrational way.  Believing artistic diversity is integral to creative growth I am also very involved in filmmaking - the camera is a great tool for training the eye for composition, and music - as a professional DJ I enjoy mixing different pieces of music together to 'discover' the perfect blend, it's much like mixing colours and paints to achieve the perfect hue.  I have been branching out as of late to more sculptural and installation pieces which invite a wider audience to experience and participate in my artistic vision.

Voted “Whistler’s Favourite Artist” every year since 2002 is a real honour. It has built confidence in my subject matter and technique proving that it is relevant and sought after by outdoor enthusiasts.  Being based out of The Sea to Sky Corridor for the past 19 years has been very advantageous. The mountains and surroundings are a constant source of inspiration and the town is such and international draw. The world comes to us and because of this I have been able to show and sell my artwork to collectors from all over the globe.

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