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Stacey Bodnaruk is a Whistler-based visual artist and photographer who has combined a passion for the Pacific with her art, creative design, photography and interior design background.  Her goal is to create artwork that inspires, evokes emotion, and starts a conversation.

Stacey creates unique and meaningful artwork that inspires and evokes emotion. Her fine art photography pieces expertly blends multiple layers of original photos, which are harmoniously intertwined to create a dream-like story.

Stacey draws inspiration from the mountains and ocean – an influence of power and beauty that she passionately incorporates into both her personal and professional life. She captures photography from mountain vistas, Canadian wildlife, surf breaks, old growth forests and wild places around the world.  Artwork  from her current collections are curated from travels around British Columbia, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, and from her home town of Whistler.

Her approach, which she terms ‘artography’, layers and fuses anywhere from 3-10 photos, that are blended to create a vibrant, one-of-a-kind artwork that would never be achieved from one photo alone.  "Each piece tells a story of the area or moment in nature.  My goal is that the artwork will inspire, evoke emotion, and infuse a greater fulfillment and joy into people's lives.”

Over the past 5 years, her work has appeared in art exhibitions in Whistler, Vancouver and Tofino.  Her work can be seen at various commercial spaces and boutique hotels throughout British Columbia and Alberta.  Although she has a strong local following, her artwork is also sold and collected internationally.

Awards & Nominations:

Stacey has had the opportunity to provide artwork for the Whistler Blackcomb 2015, and 2016 Manager Awards, and has been featured in Mountain Life Magazine, Professional Artist Magazine, The Inertia and Whistler news publications.

You can find all of Stacey's work and contact details at either of her two websites:

Artist Conversations: Kate Zessel & Stacey Bodnaruk

Stacey was a cover artist for Winter Arts Scene 2017



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