The Next Level with Introduce Wolves

Introduce Wolves | May 28 | 8pm

The Next Level series celebrates Whistler’s local music scene, showcasing the talents of five Sea to Sky bands who have recently completed Arts Whistler’s professional development program – Creative Catalyst “Band Boot Camp”.

The Next Level with Introduce Wolves

Heavy guitar, bass and drums, lots of fuzz, and melodic vocals come together in their alternative rock style.

Live from the Maury Young Arts Centre theatre! Tune in for a 60 minute set of original music and support your local music scene.
MAY 28
8-9pm | Free | Rated PG-14
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Two ski and bike bums living in Whistler, British Columbia; Rory Malkin (UK) and Liam McCook (Aus) were friends for years before they even talked about their shared love of music. They had plenty of other important things in common to discuss. Like bikes. And beers. Then, one fateful Christmas, they discovered that they in fact had nigh-on identical taste in music and it just so happened that Rory sang and played guitar, and Liam played Bass! Obviously, the only reasonable thing to do was to start a band. 
They played together for several years as Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin with drummer Scott Barrow. Producing their first release, a double A-side EP, alongside producer/engineer Jeremy Royal of Sonic Canoe in late 2019/early 2020. They amicably and mutually parted ways with Scott when the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic brought not just the band’s productivity, but the world, to a halt.
Later that year, once live music slowly started up again in British Columbia, Liam and Rory decided to risk it and agreed to play several shows in the Sea-to-Sky area, including the Arts Whistler Hear and Now Festival, under the new moniker Introduce Wolves, before they’d even secured a drummer or a lead guitarist (something they’d wanted all along). 
Through mutual friends and local jam nights they met skin basher Kevin Condie (Canada), and string shredder Phil Cartwright (Aus). The four boys quickly bonded over a passion for heavier music and the belief that it was sorely under-represented in the local scene. And so it was; after a handful of rushed, last-minute practices, Introduce Wolves performed on stage as a complete band for the first time.
Why Introduce Wolves? Introducing wolves into a suitable struggling ecosystem to restore balance is a technique that has been used successfully multiple times in North America. The introduction of wolves, being highly adaptable predators causes a cascade of changes in the ecosystems, which ultimately restores things back to their natural order. 
Basically: shake shit up, and it’ll usually eventually restore balance. 
So, is there a modern problem that can’t be resolved by the introduction of wolves? Forests, rivers, shopping malls, governments, influencer culture, recording studios? Introduce wolves. 

Taking musical influence from prog legends such as Tool, Karnivool, Oceansize, and Porcupine Tree as well as alt-rock juggernauts like The Smashing Pumpkins, Failure, Queens of the Stone Age, Biffy Clyro, and At the Drive-In and lesser-known bands with cult-followings like Reuben and Black Peaks.Introduce Wolves combine all of their individual tastes and influences into an intense, fuzzed-out sound, with soaring melodic hooks, progressive rhythms and driving basslines.

Their music is at times frantic, hectic and fast-paced, at other times straight-up aggressive and angsty, and at others, introspective, quiet and melancholic whilst remaining uplifting.This all combines into a vicious elixir of alternative rock with lyrics fueled by modern-day angst.

Currently, Introduce Wolves are recording a four-track EP with producer Emily Ryan at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver. Scheduled for release in mid 2021. | @introducewolves

Photos by Logan Swayze Photography

These bands are set to rock the house – tune in and watch them take their performances to The Next Level!

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